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Monday, October 31, 2022

Book Review: Sold to the Demon Prince (Sins of the Blood War Book 1) by Lauren Crowne

by Lauren Crowne
Book 1 of 2: Sins of the Blood War
The demon prince is arrogant, dangerous, and hot as sin.

He is also my new owner.

As a fae slave, I knew that one day I'd be sold at auction, but I never expected to be purchased by royalty, much less by the demon prince himself.

Rumors say that Prince Leo is a cruel master who murders his fae when they no longer entertain him. They say he's just like every other species that harvest the magic in our fae blood.

But I know the truth.

There's more to the demon prince than what the world sees. He has plans, big plans, and if I agree to help him, it could mean freedom for me and every other enslaved fae.

When the day comes that I'm given the chance for freedom, will I take it, even it means leaving Prince Leo forever? Or can I admit that the demon prince who owned my body might own my heart as well?

All books in the Sins of the Blood War series contain spicy tension, deliciously steamy scenes, characters who talk (and curse) like adults, and occasional moments of violence. Leo's a prince who can do whatever he wants, after all, and in this book, what he wants is her. 

Sold to the Demon Prince (Sins of the Blood War Book 1) by Lauren Crowne is the first instalment of a two-part PNR saga. Thankfully the next book comes out in late December 2022. Cause wow what a ride!

The book description does not give this guy justice, he is so dark and so hot. The guy is all about "power and control" and damn does he just make you melt. He is the boss for sure but you know there is another side to him, something maybe soft but only shown in super rare cases. I loved Leo. He was everything and certainly grew on me as the story continued to develop.

This book is hot and heavy, for sure you get a good romance ride and can feel that heat just burning up the pages. Action and some dangerous twists take this couple on a journey and thank the Gods the next book is coming. I can't wait to read what happens!!!

Getting 4 Sheep


Book 2 coming Dec 27, 2022

About the Author:
Lauren Crowne writes sexy, funny, action-packed fantasy and paranormal romance, transporting readers into a world of fae, demons, wolf shifters, and more. You'll want to root for her bold heroines and hot heroes, neither of which are afraid to fight for the ones they love. Sold to the Demon Prince is the first book in the Sins of the Blood War trilogy, with all three books following the same couple as they try to hold on to their passion for each other even when the world seems against them. When she isn't writing, Lauren is addicted to drinking iced coffee, forcing her husband to watch funny TikToks, and traveling with her husband and three kids.

What's New with Gail Z. Martin and her Convention Survival Tips

Convention Survival Tips
By Gail Z. Martin

I’ve done well over 100 conventions as an attendee and as an author guest, a track record full of fun, great memories, new friendships, and con crud. Those cons range from the vastness of New York ComicCon to much smaller local conventions and everything in between. Along the way, I’ve found some things that serve well to make cons more fun and less stressful.

Top priority—eat, drink, rest, shower. To have the best time and avoid problems, make sure you stay hydrated, eat three meals a day (light on the junk food), don’t pull multiple all-nighters, and maintain basic hygiene.

Hotels have very dry air, and you’ll dehydrate faster than you expect. By the time you feel it, you’re already too dry. Take a refillable water bottle and refill it often. Throw in a sports drink now and again for the electrolytes. Try not to subsist only on junk food—your digestive system will thank you. Pack protein bars and cracker sandwiches, and consider throwing in oranges, carrots, PB&J, and apples. You’ll feel much better! Make the effort to get at least a few hours of sleep a night, no matter how exciting the convention is. Decent sleep fends off con crud! A quick shower will make you feel like a new person, and your fellow con-goers will thank you!

Beyond that…read the schedule as early as it’s available so you can plan to see the things that are most important to you and don’t miss out. Prioritize panels, concerts, and events and realize that you probably won’t get to everything on your list. If the con offers a mobile app, use it to stay updated on schedule changes. If you’re with a group, make sure you have contact info so you can find each other if you get separated, which will inevitably happen. Make sure you know the con rules about photos and pay attention to the safety and anti-harassment policies so everyone has a good time.

Meeting your favorite author, performer, or actor is a highlight of conventions. Know the rules and follow them for photographs and autographs. Be polite and patient. Don’t try to tell long stories, but a short word of gratitude for what their work meant to you is perfectly okay.

Even though you’re with your fandom friends, pay attention to your surroundings, especially for conventions in big cities, or late at night. Much as we like to pretend we’re on a different planet, normal safety rules still apply.

Other than that…have fun! Get your geek on, enjoy yourself, meet new people, and explore new things. Conventions really can be out of this world!

What’s new from Gail Z. Martin? Plenty!

House of Cards, the eighth Spells, Salt and Steel book, is out, and Spells, Salt and Steel: Season Two (the collection of books 5 - 8) should be out later this year, along with the audiobook of the collection!

Spellbound, the fourth Joe Mack Adventure is coming in November.

C.H.A.R.O.N., sequel to Sons of Darkness and the second Night Vigil series should also be out in November.

Dark Haven an Dark Lady’s Chosen in my Chronicles of the Necromancer series are available again in ebook, and will be returning to print soon.

I’m currently working on Outlaw’s Vengeance, the fifth book in the Assassin’s of Landria series.

Wasteland Marshals (Collection of books 1-4) is also out in ebook and print, coming soon to audio.

About the Author:
Facebook-DisquietingVisions blog
Gail Z. Martin writes urban fantasy, epic fantasy, steampunk and more for Solaris Books, Orbit Books, Falstaff Books, SOL Publishing and Darkwind Press. Urban fantasy series include Deadly Curiosities and the Night Vigil (Sons of Darkness). Epic fantasy series include Darkhurst, the Chronicles Of The Necromancer, the Fallen Kings Cycle, the Ascendant Kingdoms Saga, and the Assassins of Landria.

Together with Larry N. Martin, she is the co-author of Iron & Blood, Storm & Fury (both Steampunk/alternate history), the Spells Salt and Steel comedic horror series, the Joe Mack Shadow Council series, and the Wasteland Marshals near-future post-apocalyptic series. As Morgan Brice, she writes urban fantasy MM paranormal romance, with the Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow series. Gail is also a con-runner for ConTinual, the online, ongoing multi-genre convention that never ends.

Join our Facebook group, the Shadow Alliance

Gail’s Supernatural Group is Supernatural TFW-NC:

And get a free complete short story, Catspaw, here:

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Excerpt: Crazy Witch: Magic and Mayhem Universe (The Witch Doctors Book 3) by C.S. Edwards + giveaway

Crazy Witch: Magic and Mayhem Universe (The Witch Doctors Book 3)

by C.S. Edwards
October 31, 2022
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: C.S. Edwards
ISBN: 9798215161517
Number of pages: 142
Word Count: 36,382
Cover Artist: C.S. Edwards
What does Bart Babington’s love life, a legendary key, and the Goddess of Death, have in common? Well, Bart is about to find out.

The not-so-famous witch doctor cosmetic surgeon is sick and tired of his two meddling sisters trying to mate him up at every annual Samhain celebration for the last ten years. So, Bart enlists his two best wingmen to help him find a fake date to take to Rabbit Hash for the party.

In his grand plan to get his sisters off his back, what he didn’t count on is falling for a pigeon raising, southern witch on a moped. Nor did he expect to lose her during the couple’s championships for the Loving Cup. But he’s on a ghostly trip to sort out his past and make room for true love in his life.

Will Bart find his witch, or will he never unlock his heart?

The Townhouse in Mt. Adams
“Bart, this is your mother.” Blanche’s disembodied voice seeped through the speaker system embedded in every room of the three-story townhouse. Echoing throughout the sparsely decorated spaces, her tone was calm and rational with a tinge of caution—which sounded pretty normal for Blanche Babington. “Your sisters and I are planning on seeing you this weekend for the Samhain festivities in Rabbit Hash. Let me know when you expect to transport. Seems Betsy and Betty have some big plans for you again. You better call me back.”

Bart stepped out of the shower, wrapped a bath towel around his waist, and strode to the sink. Tussling his auburn hair with his hand, he spoke to his reflection in the mirror. “I know what my sisters are up to. They do this shit every year. No more.”

Bart tapped the left corner of the mirror and a ripple of waves moved from the corner of the mercury backed glass across the once still and solid surface, “Amelia, call Reggie and Sparky.”

The mirror answered in her distinctive AI rhythm, “calling Reggie and Sparky,” and emanated an old-fashioned ring of a corded phone. With a plop, Reggie appeared in one corner of the mirror and Sparky in another. Amelia displayed the trio of friends in a single line across the elegant mercury backed glass, which hung above a sleek marble double vanity in Bart’s master bathroom and doubled as a smart screen. “I have your BFFs, Bart. What else would you like me to do?”

“That’s all. Thanks Amelia.” Bart dismissed his smart assistant and smiled. “If only all women were like Amelia.”

“Yo, brother, why you got to be showing up on my Copy Reveal screen half naked?” Reggie grimaced.

“He’ll say it was unintentional, but we all know the truth. He didn’t get enough attention as a child.” Sparky chimed in.

“Shut up. It’s go time. Are you boys ready for The Lemon?” Bart stretched on his shirt.

“I’m not sure The Lemon is ready for your look, bub.” Reggie grimaced and looked away.

“What?” Bart looked down to see his emerald green towel still tightly wrapped around his waist, topped off with a navy-blue pima cotton, boutique brand, polo. “Oh hell. I’m going to grab some jeans.”

“Don’t forget your tightie-whities, Marky-Mark.” Sparky yelled.
Reggie cackled, “He’ll never live that one down.”

“Rightfully so. Who wears tightie-whities, ever? Even back in the day, when he dropped his drawers to impress Miss Mona Lisa Giorgio—who was not feeling the vibrations—the tighties were not a good look.” Sparky grinned and straightened his ball cap.

Reggie nodded. “True. No matter how good the package, sometimes it’s all about the wrapping.” The two friends gave each other a virtual high five that spawned an undulation of swells in the mirror.

Bart returned clad in jeans and his polo. “Fuck off, both of you. I looked good. It wasn’t my choice of underwear she didn’t like. Miss Mona Lisa was into rich Italian guys. She wasn’t into young, just starting out, witch doctors.”

“Whatever makes you feel better, man.” Sparky waved him off.

“I’ll feel better when I pull this weekend off. I’m ready to get this plan started. I’ve got to find a witch worthy of hanging out with for the next three days, and that’s willing to play along like we’re a real couple. I’m determined to put an end to the ‘set-up Bart’ bullshit my sisters pull every Samhain. It ruins the whole weekend. Besides, it's gone on long enough. Time to move on. I've moved on. Everyone else needs to, too.”

“No shit. Last year was ridiculous. I thought Betsy was never going to quit introducing you to all those models.” Sparky shook his head, and his silver and black hair dangled over one eye. “It was like a line of Wictoria Angels walking the catwalk just for you.”

“You poor asshole.” Reggie scoffed. “You could help a brother out and throw some of your misfortune my way, you know. I am a single warlock now, too.”

“Trust me, none of those witches were your type. They weren’t my type either. Besides, you and I are not the settling down kind. Not anymore. That’s why your three-year shit-show with Brigette didn’t work out Regg. I mean, how the hell did you expect to settle down with a hippie witch? You’re mister conservative?”

“She wasn’t a hippie witch.” Reggie rubbed his chin. “She was crazy.”

“Crazy witch. Definitely.” Sparky agreed.

“Well, whatever. Good riddance. You’re better than that, man. We don’t do crazy because crazy witches just up and disappear for no reason what-so-ever.” Bart leaned on the counter and eyed both of his best friends. “We do this. Us. Brothers.”

“Yeah. But don’t forget Misty.” Sparky’s eyes lit up at the mention of his wife.

“Of course, I always include Misty in our crew. Hell, she’s a better wingman than you are Sparky. Just something about a female fox Shifter that witches love.” Reggie waggled his bushy eyebrows, licked his thumb and forefinger, and slide them across both unruly strips.
Sparky’s grin widened, “well, what’s not to love about Misty? She is the foxiest fox Shifter in the universe.”

“Is she coming out on this little manly adventure to get Bart a weekend play date? Or are we rolling with the homies only?” Reggie asked.

“She’s sitting this one out. Something about getting all our crap together for the Samhain festivities. I think she’s been plotting and planning with your sister’s, Bart. So, frankly, we need to keep your plan to trip up their matchmaking on the down low Or, Misty might blow your cover.” Sparky looked over his shoulder toward a shadowy door in the distance. “Hence, why I’m hiding out in the basement? I didn’t want her to sniff us out.”

“Good luck with that. Misty’s got a better sniffer than you do, man. And I’m bummed she’s not coming out with us. Like Reggie said, she’s the best wingman we got.” Bart thrust his hands in his pockets to straighten his jeans

“You lookin’ to find the next Mrs. Darington, Regg?” Sparky asked.

“Could be? You know, the third times a charm.” Reggie mussed his dark hair and smoothed his pale green button down.

“Charm my ass. I never believed in that crap. The two previous witches should have taught you a lesson. Love and Reginold Darington don’t mix. You’re free and clear, bro. Enjoy that freedom.” Bart bobbed his head and stuck out his chest.

“Don’t do that. Whatever that ‘trying to look badass’ thing you’ve got going on there. You look real silly.” Sparky laughed.

“Shut the fuck up, Sparky, before I ask Amelia to vape you out of this conversation.” Bart blew out a long breath. He was already worried enough about this whole fiasco he'd cooked up. But he was so tired of everyone trying to make him forget Samhain was associated with the worst day of his life.

“Go ahead, buddy. I’ve got my woman. I don’t need to help you one bit.” Sparky crossed his arms and leaned back in his desk chair.

“Alright you two, just cool it with the machismo shit. Time’s a wasting, and I don’t even know what that plan is for this hairbrained scheme Bart’s got us doing. But we better get to doing it before the evening gets away from us.” Reggie looked at a glowing watch-like contraption on his wrist.

“You’re right, Regg. We need to get a move on. My plan is to start out at The Blind Lemon here in Mt. Adams. I’m thinking there’ll be a healthy crowd of witches there on the eve of the two biggest nights in the witch world. Samhain always brings the ladies out. So, all I have to do is find the one that will be cool with playing a little game of pretend with me.” Bart shrugged. “Easy peasy.”

“The Blind Lemon. Don’t you go there all the time, man?” Reggie asked.

“Sure. But never around the holidays. It gets stupid crazy with crowds.” Bart said.

“I’m not so sure The Lemon is the best place, either. But what the hell? Let’s give it a whirl. If that’s a bust, we’ll trot back on over here to my neck of the woods. The Rhine is always hopping.” Sparky got up from his chair and put his face close to the screen. “We transporting now?”

“Give me twenty minutes,” said Reggie.

“Twenty minutes. What the hell, dude?” Bart barked.

“I gotta do some stuff. Lock up the place, settle Max in for the night. You know. Just stuff. Besides, I’m coming all the way from Indian Hills. You know, it takes me a bit longer to transport from way out here. You and Sparky can light it up in a few minutes and be at The Lemon’s passageway. Hell, Bart, you can walk quicker than you take to transport.” Reggie puffed.

“Max will be fine. He’s the coolest Shepard familiar ever. I’m sure Barty needs to tuck little baby Pricilla piggy in, too.” Sparky said in a mocking baby voice.

“Don’t you worry about Cilla. She’s with Blanche and my sisters. They’re doing all the girly things for the party, and she couldn’t miss that. Besides, Cilla is the baddest bitch flying pig familiar around.” Bart loved his little pink flying pig and doted on her. She'd come into his life at a very dark moment, and he'd never forget the joy and love she showed him. Priscilla was the reason Bart stayed the course to become a witch doctor.

“Exactly, dude. She’s a flying fucking pig. Seriously, I was just teasing you. Literally, you couldn’t ask for a cooler familiar.” Sparky threw a cap on his head.

“I know. Okay, enough. I’m giving you guys thirty minutes. Under the garden sign on Hatch Street.” Bart pointed first at Reggie, then to Sparky. “Thirty minutes.”

“Cool.” Sparky nodded.

“Should I wear a hat? A ball cap like Sparky. Is that a thing now?” Reggie pulled a faded maroon and off-white hat, accented with a beer label patch on the front panel, from a hook on the wall next to him and slipped it on his head.

“Dude. It doesn’t matter. Just get your ass moving.” Bart rolled his eyes and tapped the mirror, which rippled again like water washing away the images of his two friends.

About the Author:

C.S. Edwards is a southern author of small town adventures sprinkled with romance, mystery, and occasionally some paranormal and fantasy. Her newest release, Crazy Witch, The Witch Doctors Book 3, is a saucy, fun, romantic romp. In her catalog, you’ll also find the darker small town mystery Welcome to Lovely, that shows a spicier side of crime and romance.

C.S. Edwards lives with her family on the Kentucky side of Cincinnati, where they are all just doing their part to make the world a little more interesting and entertaining.

“My kids, all five of them, swear I talk to myself way too much. What they don’t know is, I’m not talking to myself, I’m talking to my characters. Sure, that makes me a little crazy, but come on, it also makes me super interesting—right?! Probably not, but a girl can dream.” — C.S. Edwards

What does Bart Babington’s love life, a legendary key, and the Goddess of Death, have in common? Well, Bart is about to find out... Hop on this romcom ride and discover the world of Witch Doctors and Rabbit Hash, KY. You might just fall in love - Bart does!
#magicandmayhemuniverse #UnleashTheMagic #csedwardsauthor #fallinlove #rabbithash #rabbithashky #newrelease #sassysouthernstoryteller #witchdoctorsseries #pnrromcom #pnr #pnrbooks #paranormalromcom #romcom #romcoms #romcombook #romcombooks #paranormalromance #paranormalromancereads #paranormalromancebooks #paranormalromancenovels #paranormalromanceauthor #paranormalromanceseries #paranormalromanceauthors

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Ghost Witch by Ian Conner

I have the perfect story to curl up with on Halloween! Check out Ian Conner's Ghost Witch and make sure to leave a light on!

Ghost Witch
by Ian Conner
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2022
Genre: Supernatural Horror/ Ghost Story, Native American Folklore/ Mythology
The Two Spears and Four Claws clans for generations. Now the evil has returned, once again threatening the lives of a young mother and her twin babies. It is an evil that temporarily killed and banished with fire and magic, but it can never be destroyed. It is a source of great shame for the clans. So much so, that it is never spoken about outside of the tribe.

Carlyle Allen, the wealthy new owner of Haunted Gap, is building his dream home for he and his young bride, Rebecca. Carlyle discovers a hidden room in the basement and comes across the corpse of “The Maiden”, a form the evil entity takes to seduce and trick people into doing its bidding.

A very pregnant Rebecca Allen visits Haunted Gap for the first time. Rebecca becomes exposed to poison from “The Maiden,” leading to a trip to the clinic where she meets Maggie Four Claws and Dr. Sally Manning. Realizing that Rebecca has been marked by the Ghost witch, she contacts her grandmother Opal for help and to alert the clans.

Maggie manages to convince both Rebecca Allen and Dr. Manning that she and the babies are danger, not only from the Ghost Witch, but from her husband Carlyle as well. As Dr. Manning races to get Rebecca to safety, the Ghost Witch causes an accident, allowing Carlyle to kidnap Rebecca in order to sacrifice her and the children to “The Maiden.”

Meanwhile, Maggie Four Claws, Grandma Opal, and the rest of the clans move into action to hunt down and banish the Ghost Witch. But, will they find the evil in time enough to destroy it and save Rebecca and her babies?

About the Author
Ian Conner is retired and spent most of his adult life as a Marine and Army Infantry Sergeant. Now living near San Diego California with his wife Bonnie, a cellist, and their two dogs, Cookie and Isabella. Conner spends his days fostering kittens, gardening, crafting beautiful stained glass and creating worlds on the page.

Conner has authored several other novels:
Cooper’s Ridge – Science Fiction
The Long Game – Political Thriller
The Price of Partisanship – Political Thriller
Solaris – Political Thriller
Griffins Perch – Epic Fantasy
Ghost Witch – Horror

After a lifetime of destruction, the thought of creating something tangible and lasting holds great appeal. He finds writing a cathartic way to redefine himself both in his eyes and the eyes of others.

Twitter: @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #HorrorCommunity

IG: @rrbooktours #rrbooktours #ghostwitch #ghoststory #spookyreads #paranormalbooks

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Funky Werepig Ep 20 Halloween Harroinks!

Season 3: Episode #20

****We interrupt this post for an important announcement***
Yes, it's a real book...

***Now back to the regularly scheduled post***

It's our favorite holiday! Vampires. Witches. Ghosts...except for the ones that haunt my bathroom!
We have our longtime buddy SIR LAWRENCE C CONNOLLY, talking mystery theatre, Nightmare Cinema, and bringing his classic take on Frankenstein to the stage. Then we party with the WILLIG BOYS and their new hit 'Haunted House'. Pumpkin spice Zima for everyone!
But be warned...You did hear the part about ghosts in my bathroom, right?

Sir Lawrence C. Connolly
Lawrence C. Connolly’s books include the Veins Cycle novels Veins , Vipers , and Vortex  His collections include Visions, This Way to Egress, Voices.

His screenplay “This Way to Egress,” is featured in the anthology film Nightmare Cinema.

He is also the writer of Mystery Theatre, a podcast produced by Prime Stage, which is currently in its fourth season.

Current projects include a new adaptation of Frankenstein, tentatively scheduled to debut in late 2022

Music Spotlight

"Haunted House" music video

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-Grody Wales "This Shit be Haunted"
-Sappy Putz "Get off my Lawn"
-September I Smell Sheep book recommendation!

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The Funky Werepig
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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Excerpt: A Vampire’s Heart: An Order of the Black Oak Prequel by Marie-Claude Bourque + giveaway

by Marie-Claude Bourque
Publication date: October 25th 2022
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
A Vampire’s Heart: A Witch-Vampire Meet Cute Paranormal Romance Prequel

Meet the Order of the Black Oak: a powerful order of modern-day warriors fighting evil to protect the ones they love.

To prove her worth as a leader to her coven, awkward witch Maisie Thibodeau must battle a horrible monster in front of the whole supernatural community. But the White Holly sorceresses are not the only ones watching.

Immortal Valerian St-Amand can’t tear his eyes from the small but powerful witch as she battles a dangerous troll set on her small mystic town. While he had vowed not to interfere in witches’ business, his unexpected fear for her life makes it impossible for him to keep his distance.

If you love loyal tough guys with hearts, steadfast heroines and satisfying slow-burn paranormal romance, the Black Oak World is for you.

Please Note: While each novel in this series ends with a satisfying HEA, the romance in this prequel leaves you with a Happy-For-Now ending to be concluded in the first book of the Vampires of the Black Oak series.

Book 1

“Hey, it’s her!” Mag elbowed him as the pub’s door opened, letting some fresh air in.

“Who?” Val frowned as he continued to scan the room, casting a brief nod at the waitress bringing them their drinks.

“The girl from the shop,” Mag explained with eagerness.

Val reluctantly looked to see what made his brother so enthusiastic. The young witch from the craft store stood there, a small figure in an anime logoed t-shirt, plain jeans, and faded sneakers. Her poker-straight black hair fanned against her cheek and down to her chest.

A little geeky, but yes, there was something about her. He felt a kinship in her awkwardness. She, too, didn’t seem to want to be there.

She perused the crowd, waved at a few people, before settling her eyes on him.

His breath remained caught in his throat as her gaze of the deepest jade connected with his own. The contact disturbed something in him that had been dormant for centuries.


The strange force stirring within him had gone straight to his core. His heartbeat pounded madly as a flush of warmth spread down to his groin.

Oh damn. Val instinctively searched for Sasha, who was vigorously lapping water from his bowl at his feet. He couldn’t remember ever feeling anything so intense before. He shook himself as he sunk his fingers into the fur of his loyal companion. This could mean trouble.

“I wonder if I should hit on her,” Mag was saying.

Val moved his head bleakly as she broke their connection to survey the bar with her head held high before waving with animation at a group of women at the back.

“Sure, why not.” He let out a slow exhale, his pulse now steadier, and leaned further back in his chair. He forced himself to look away from her and continue to study the patrons. But he couldn’t shake the feeling that this young witch was something else.

And with his entire being, he strongly prayed that Mag would leave this one girl alone.

About the Author:
Marie-Claude Bourque is a Montreal-born Seattle-based author of slow-burn paranormal romance and the winner of the American Title V award with her first novel ANCIENT WHISPERS.

Her writing features modern-day fantasy skillfully weaved into infinitely romantic supernatural stories between smart strong women and complex passionate heroes.

Happily Ever After always absolutely guaranteed!

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Friday, October 28, 2022

Audiobook Cover Reveal: Fountain Dead by Theresa Braun

I am thrilled to share this beautiful new cover of the upcoming audiobook edition of Fountain Dead by Theresa Braun!

Fountain Dead
by Theresa Braun
Expected Publication Date: Fall 2022
Genre: Mature YA/ Paranormal/ Ghost Story
Mark is uprooted from his home and high school in the Twin Cities and forced to move with his family into a Victorian in Nowhere-ville. Busy with the relocation and fitting in, Mark’s parents don’t see what’s unfolding around them—the way rooms and left behind objects seem alive with a haunted past. Of course, Mark keeps his ghostly encounters to himself, all the while sinking deeper into the house’s dark, alluring, and ultimately terrifying history. As romantic entanglements intensify, the paranormal activity escalates. Past and present come together. Everything is connected—from the bricks in the walls to the hearts beating in their chests, all the secrets of Fountain Dead are finally unearthed.

Coming Soon!

About the Author

Theresa Braun has a Master’s degree in English literature and lives in South Florida where she has been teaching literature and writing for over 20 years. Traveling, ghost hunting, and all things dark are her passions (when she is not coming up with romantic subplots). She has presented at HWA conferences, as well as Utah Quills Conferences. Her published works include both novels and short stories that have appeared in various horror fiction publications. In 2018, she was included in a Best Speculative Fiction anthology.

@tbraun_author @rrbooktours1 #rrbooktours #fountaindead #coverreveal

@theresa.anne.braun @rrbooktours #rrbooktours #fountaindead #audiobooks #coverreveal #yabookstagram #yahorror #ghoststory

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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Excerpt: Alpha Receptor (Real Werewolves True Mates Book One) by Karenna Colcroft + giveaway

Alpha Receptor (Real Werewolves True Mates Book One)
by Karenna Colcroft
July 14, 2022
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Vegan Wolf Productions
ISBN: 978-1958346006
Number of pages: 263
Word Count: 72,300
Cover Artist: Winterheart Design
Can a “curmudgeonly” Alpha who has closed his heart to love open up when he finds his true mate?

When Lara Jameson’s employer transferred her from Orlando, Florida, to Boston, Massachusetts, moving wasn’t as simple as just finding an apartment. As a werewolf, Lara also had to transfer to a new pack. And when she met Chal Torres, the Alpha of City Pack in Boston, she knew she had found not only a new pack but her mate.

Chal Torres has resisted love since a dominance fight shortly after he was changed resulted in the death of the woman he believed he loved. Now, as Alpha of the largest pack in the United States, he allows no one close to him out of fear they might be used against him. But when Chal meets Lara and recognizes her as his mate, his resistance is no match for the call of the mate bond and of his heart.

As Chal and Lara begin to build their relationship, Chal lets down his guard. But an attack on Lara during the pack’s hunt night and the reveal of a plot within the pack to take down Chal as Alpha lead Chal to begin putting up those walls again. Will he let Lara in, or will his fear end their relationship before it truly starts?

When he was confident none of his pack remained among the trees, he went to the house and found Art already in human form near the back door. Art possessed the distinct ability to shift instantaneously with no pain or effects; for him, it was as fluid as breathing. Meaning Chal needed to shift rapidly and give no sign of the effects.

Once back in human form, he straightened, towering over Art, who flinched. The reaction pleased Chal. The man deserved to be afraid.

“You attacked a pack member,” he said.

“Can…” Sweat beaded Art’s forehead as he frantically searched around for an escape. “Can we discuss this privately, Alpha?”

“We cannot.” He spoke more loudly than he intended, not caring that he’d drawn the attention of the other wolves. “Lara is lower ranked than you. She wasn’t interfering with you. You had neither cause nor right to attack her. Go home, Art. You are confined to your apartment until I speak with you.”

Art bowed his head. “I have no way to get home, Alpha. I rode here with others.”


A small, wiry man hurried over to him. One of the trackers, second in command to Connor.

“Yes, Alpha?”

“Are you able to leave at this time?” Chal asked, continuing to pin Art beneath his gaze. “Art is going home.”

“Yes, Alpha. I’ll tell Hillary to find another ride.” Dave grasped Art’s elbow. “Let’s go.”

Art followed the other man without protest. But when he peered back over his shoulder at Chal, his eyes were filled with the same darkness weighing on Chal.
It would be crucial to resolve the situation more permanently. For the moment, Art was dealt with. It was time for Chal to check on his mate.

He found her a short distance from the house, lying on her side in wolf form, panting heavily.

Tobias, in human form, sat cross-legged beside her. “Follow my voice, Lara,” he said in a low, almost hypnotic cadence. “It’s time to shift back. I’m here. Your Alpha is here. We’re both with you. Come back.”

Painstakingly, so much so Chal trembled with sympathetic agony, Tobias guided Lara back into human form. When she finished the shift, she lay gasping on the ground.

“I can’t do anything more for her,” Tobias said.

“I can. Thank you, old friend.”

Chal crouched and gathered Lara into his arms. She stirred and murmured something unintelligible. Ignoring the others around them, Chal carried her into the house and up to the second floor, to the bedroom where he and Tobias had spoken earlier.

Tenderly, he lay her on the bed. He wished he could kiss her, stay with her, but he still had a duty to his pack. He maneuvered the sheet from under her and covered her.

“Sleep,” he said. “We’ll speak in the morning.” Quickly, he left the room.

About the Author:
Karenna Colcroft lives just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and has been in love with the city since childhood, though she has yet to encounter any werewolves, vampires, or other paranormal beings in her travels. At least none that she knows of. Though since in her non-writing life, under another name, she offers services as a channel and energy healing practitioner, it could be said that she herself is a paranormal being. The jury’s still out on that.

Karenna is a polyamorous, nonbinary human who splits time between the home she shares with her husband and the one she shares with her committed partner. She also has two adult children and a bonus son, three grandchildren, and two and a half cats. (Half in terms of time the cat lives with her, not in terms of the cat itself…)

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Book Review: Blood Cull (A novel of the Demon Accords Book 18) by John Conroe

by John Conroe
Sept 2, 2022
Pages: 379
Before the end, there is often change, and change can be very painful. Declan and Stacia come face-to-face with the most powerful elemental of them all, one with the power to eliminate mankind before the Vorsook ever show up. It’s time to confront his destiny, and decide what it means to be the most powerful witch of all time.

Blood cull brings us face-to-face with some real dire situations for Declan, Stacia and all of humankind. Declan and the team strategize on how to survive a Vorsook attack which is imminent when the most powerful elemental of all the elementals shows up and changes everything. One thing is for sure, if humans and the supernatural don’t work together, there will be no planet left.

I have been Conroe’s books for years and I have to say this one might be the best one yet. It challenges readers to think about where our world is right now and many of the social, political, and world events are front and center in this story. This book is so well written. It’s thoughtful but yet the story is still excellent, and the book is a breeze to read. I look forward to seeing what the next book in the series brings.

Getting 5 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
Conroe wrote his first readable novel, God Touched, right after finishing his daughter's copy of Twilight and muttering: "Vampires don't farging sparkle!"

With seven more books in the series and a stand alone novel (Black Frost), he doesn't seem to be slowing down. He cut his reading teeth on the likes of Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, JRR Tolkien, Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton, and H. Beam Piper.

Financial professional by day and author by night (actually by morning), he bangs out his stories with fingers that are usually sore from forge burns or getting beat up at the dojo.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Excerpt: Tracker by Tam DeRudder Jackson + giveaway

by Tam DeRudder Jackson
October 25th 2022
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
A skilled warrior with a life-changing task…

Every warrior needs a talisman – but for Riley Sheridan, he cares more about partying with his buddies than finding the mate he’s supposed to bond with for life. That is, until a stunning raven-haired woman steps up to the keg and asks for a beer.

A fiery beauty with untapped powers…

Lynnette Montgomery came to the festival to relax, celebrate, and take her mind off her still-undiscovered magical powers. But after fate draws her to a suave and cocky warrior, she’s shocked to realize that she’s his fated talisman. But finding your mate is never supposed to be this easy.

And the wrath of a goddess bent on their demise.

Drawn by a ripple in the cosmos, the infamous goddess Morrigan sets her sights on the pair. She’s dead-set on stopping the next Sheridan from bonding to his talisman – and when they retreat to a remote cabin to complete the ritual, she sees her chance to strike. After the goddess kidnaps Riley, Lynette is thrust into a deadly battle with a seemingly impossible goal: to save him from a fate worse than death.

Bursting with all the pulse-pounding action and rich worldbuilding of a riveting fantasy adventure, this gripping prequel is a must-read for fans of Tam DeRudder Jackson’s Talisman Series, or as a starting point for your adventure into a world of modern-day Celtic warriors.

On sale for 99c for a limited time only!

The rich smell of wood smoke drifted to her nose as Lynnette stepped out of her car in the parking area of the campground. It had taken her a minute to find the right spot on the opposite side of Swann Lake from the highway. In the thick forest surrounding the lake, twilight fell early, and she’d missed the turn the first time, so she had to backtrack. As she rounded the front of her car, a weird sensation rippled through her. Never in her life had she lost her way even for a minute, so how had she missed that turn?

“Hey, you want to hold on to these for me?” She handed her car keys to her friend.

Delaney shot her a look. “After our conversation this afternoon, now you’re the one looking to get lucky tonight?” But she pocketed Lynnette’s keys anyway.

“Not really. I had a weird premonition is all.” She shrugged. “It’s probably nothing.”

Raucous laughter greeted them as they neared the bonfire burning brightly on the lakeshore, its flames reflected in the dark, still water. People sat on logs several feet away from the heat, drinking and talking. A group of guys stood near the picnic table, one of them pumping air into a pony keg on ice while another one filled Solo cups and handed them around. Bags of chips and other assorted snacks were stacked on the table, and Lynnette wandered over to it to add their contribution of a couple of party-size jars of peanuts she’d grabbed from work.

As they neared the table, a low whistle greeted them. “Hell-o ladies,” said a hot blond who was built like a linebacker. “Want a beer?”

About the Author:
Tam DeRudder Jackson is the author of the paranormal romance Talisman Series and the contemporary romance Balefire Series. Her favorite “room” in her house is her back patio where she dreams up stories of romance and risk. When she’s not writing her latest paranormal or contemporary romance, you can usually find her driving around with the top down in her convertible or carving turns on the slopes of the local ski hill. The mom of two grown sons, Tam likes to travel, attend rock concerts, watch football and soccer, and visit old car shows with her husband. She lives in the mountains of northwest Wyoming where she spends most of her free time trying to read all the books. Her TBR piles are threatening to take over her office, and she’s fine with that.

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Comic Review: Creepshow Issue #2 (of 5) from SkyBound Entertainment (Image Comics)

Creepshow #2 (of 5)
Series: Creepshow
Arriving: October 26, 2022
Diamond ID: AUG220174
Imprint: Skybound
Image Comics
The Creep scares up two all-new standalone stories in this star-studded anthology based on the hit Shudder TV series.

DAVID & MARIA LAPHAM (STRAY BULLETS) terrify with the tale of a tree whose roots grew so deep they reached Hell...and the girl who sat beneath it.

STEVE FOXE (RAZORBLADES) and KELLEY JONES (Batman Sandman) share the shocking story of legendary comic creator Sal Medina-and the dedicated fan who went too far.

I forgot how much I love this format for horror storytelling. I remember reading reprints of Tales from the Crypt (my mom use to read them and told me about them.) I've never watched the Creepshow TV show on Shudder TV, but I heard about it becoming a comic book... I couldn't wait to indulge. My GenZ daughter once told me when I talked about all the cool stuff from my generation, "Is it really good, or is it just nostalgia?" HA! Creepshow #2 (I missed issue #1 *sob*) was both.

The nostalgia was comforting and the two stories in issue #2, "The Gorgamorahh Tree" and "Creator's Rites," are everything I love about horror comic shorts. I can't talk about the stories because that would spoil the fun. But if you enjoy horror anthology comics you will definitely want to check out Creepshow from SkyBound.

Check out the artwork for each story.

5 "Creepy" Sheep


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