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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sheep Book Review: The Girl from the Woods by Chris Keane

The Girl from the Woods
by Chris Keane
April 25th, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0692832172
ASIN: B06X9Y715F
Number of pages: 144
Word Count: 43,000
Cover Artist: Nick Kiefer
It’s summertime and the last place 19-year-old Dante Elton wants to be is at his grandmother’s in rural upstate New York. But it’s exactly where his parents dump him, as they jet off to Europe. Without a car, cell service, or even basic television, there is nothing to do but wander around the nearby woods just as he had as a small child…

There he meets sexy—and slightly older—Angie Sewall while on a hike. On the surface, she’s a devoted daughter content to be single while she manages her father’s medical practice. Yet deep down, Angie is bored and heartbroken…and is harboring some special gifts that she keeps secret from her father and their backwoods community.

When Dante’s grandmother’s health declines, he reaches out to Angie’s father for help, only to uncover the good doctor’s dark side. When Dante confides in Angie, it drives a spike into their budding relationship. He’s left to wonder if he’s all alone in his quest to save his grandmother. 

This story was a little different pace for me. I can and do read books that are vampire free, from time to time. But this one certainly had a UF feel to it. The darker undertones and the overall story world that was built. I think this one could have stayed in that arena and had a bigger bang. 

There's a very interesting story between our main couple and since the book is on the shorter page side, you really do see that relationship develop rather quickly. Which was actaully fine by me. The tale reads well at the size it is. Why ruin a good thing?

However, I am on the fence with a few areas. This is the hard part, not trying to give anything away but sharing enough thoughts that you know what I'm talking about. I would say that personally I wanted MORE romance. A bit more adventure and a few unforeseen things to happen. There was no earth shattering moment. But that's just this readers one opinion. 

Check around and see what other people thought! 

Getting 3 Sheep

As the sun splintered through the gaps in the tarp, Dante held Angie in his arms while she slept. He had never felt or even imagined being this happy. He watched her sleeping peacefully, half-expecting she would just vanish like the girl from his dream. She seemed other-worldly, more of a product of his imagination than the surrounding environment. In the real world, a beautiful girl like Angie would barely give him the time of day. She wouldn’t be into reading horror or Japanese anime either. She would probably be rejecting his friend request on Facebook.

He still hadn’t told Angie that she had appeared to him in his dream back in New Jersey. He figured she would probably just laugh at him. The past few weeks, he had assumed he would forget about it. Yet somehow, the thought wouldn’t vacate his brain. If she had actually appeared to him in his dream, this was no ordinary girl, and that frightened him. She seemed normal, but her father did not. He was an eccentric man with a sketchy past. Dante had come across a stack of books on witchcraft in his study. But she brushed it off, saying that he had grown up in Massachusetts, and everyone up that way was into the history of Salem.

About the Author:
Chris is a graduate of Rutgers University and studied the art of storytelling at Gotham Writers' Workshop in New York City. Chris' first publication, "Loot," became a bestselling Kindle Short Read, in the category of Young Adult Fiction.

"Loot," set on Halloween in 1977, tells the tale of three boys who skip Halloween to hunt for cash to purchase an Atari in an old farmhouse belonging to one of their deceased aunts. Adventure ensues in his coming-of-age tale in the spirit of Stand by Me and The Goonies.

In addition to authoring prose, Chris is a screenwriter. In 2013 he wrote the screenplay for a short film, The Baseball Card, about three twelve-year old boys who fight over a Don Mattingly baseball card during the summer of 1984. The Baseball Card was an official selection of the Garden State Film Festival, Hoboken International Film Festival, and Maryland International Film Festival in 2014.

The Girl from the Woods is his debut novel.

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  1. Woods was the trigger for me and I had to come check this out. Shorter books can lack the depth and detail I want to get engrossed in the story, but sometimes an author can surprise me. Glad you enjoyed the story.
    sherry @ fundinmental