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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sheep Talk with Katie: Supernatural Television Show

Does anyone remember watching the very first episode Pilot way back in September of 2005? Anyone? [Sharon raises hand] I admit I didn't even get into this show until a couple years ago. I had heard about it and certainly knew who Jensen Ackles was because I grew up on the best Soap EVER Days of Our Lives. Jensen played the twin to his evil sister Sammy Brady on that show. So knowing well who one of the main actors was, I was still resistant to tune in and watch. I thought it was all just a bunch of hogwash hype. Nothing could be that good. [Sharon just shakes her head cause she knows...]
It wasn't until my best friend and Sheep partner Sharon told me to just watch the damn thing! [Sharon nods cause did tell her multiple times] So I did. Surprise, surprise. I was not disappointed. This show has that magical something that helps keep it going for over 12 years. The brothers, of course, are awesome, they love each other and fight just like any family would. They both have that special sauce dripping all over them and it works. The writing works. Urban legends coming to life. Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell it all works!
[Sharon shares two of her favorite scenes] 

So here we are in the current 13th season SPOILERS NOW and God has shown himself, God's sister was/is crazy but we love her. Lucifer has a son named Jack who was just born a few weeks ago as a full man and he's already been up and down the dark and dirty road. I was scared to death of Jack in the first few episodes but now I like him. He's probably going to die soon, cause duh everyone dies on this show!
Now with the mid-season break, we're left to wonder what will happen to Jack, the Winchester mommy and the brothers we love to itty bitty pieces. Let's not forget about Castiel our favorite Angel buddy! What will happen in the new dimensions that everyone has been thrust into? It's obvious that dinosaurs of some kind are getting introduced. Will Sam and Dean ride on one? Only if the Gods are good my friends. Only if.
I never know what's going to happen next, what actors will make cameos. What pie Dean's going to chomp on and who Sam's going to want to save. Oh, Sam's good ole bleeding heart! I never know and I love not knowing. BUT no matter what, the boys will do it all their way and have hella fun in the process. This show continues to be the most entertaining thing on TV. 

Deal me in every week. 


Do you watch Supernatural or are you still holding out? Why do you or don't you watch? Do you have a favorite Supernatural moment? And will you watch Wayward Sisters? [Sharon says she can't wait for it.]


  1. Supernatural jumped the shark a couple of years ago for me, though I have watched a few episodes this season. Will give the new show a shot.

    1. Glad to hear you're back in! I hope the show wont let you down!

  2. Yes DAYS is the best soap ever. I think it's one of like two full length soaps still on. You're a bit younger than me Katie but we're close enough in age to agree on generational stuff (can you say T2? BEST Terminated ever!). Apparently Eric Brady is one of them. Then Jensen went on to star in the second season of DARK ANGEL with Jessica Alba. Anyways, I'm like the only person I know who doesn't watch this show on a regular basis though I do remember the first two episodes quite clearly. Cory Monteith (Finn on GLEE, the one who overdosed) was in the second episode. I'm one of those people who has to watch/read things in order and I can't seem to catch the start of the series on TNT since they play at least 4 episodes a day. Still, I've caught a few episodes here and there. Mostly the older ones though. Ok. Enough of my rambling. Happy New Year!

    1. It's one of those shows that you can watch it here and there and not miss the whole thing. I like that about it. I like the monster of the week feels it gives me too. BUT I just love these two guys on screen, they complete me. hahaha