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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Book Review: Ebony (Trinity Series Book 1) by J Thompson

Ebony (Trinity Series Book 1)
by J Thompson
February 2, 2018
Pages: 187
One sister born of pain.
One sister born of blood.
One sister born of death.

Three sisters bound,
Wiccan and nightwalker.
Three sisters found,
To join an empire.
A prophecy of three,
So let it be.

Ebony’s life varied from minor inconvenience to total disaster. She could never catch a break. From a young age, she had been sent to live with many foster families, each one rejecting her after a short amount of time, none of them wanting to take on her unusual health issues.
She couldn't blame them—she didn't know what the hell was wrong with her, either.

Now, living day to day, struggling to buy the medicine she needs and with no home to call her own, Ebony battles for the hope that she won’t always be so alone. However, just when Ebony thinks her life couldn’t possibly get any worse, it does, and the darkness calls to her.

Yet salvation arrives in the unlikely form of two beautiful, mysterious women and a man willing to fight to be her saviour.

As a new world is suddenly and unexpectedly thrust upon her, Ebony, whether she’s ready or not, is about to find out who she really is and exactly what she’s made of.

Ebony’s life has always been difficult. Bounced around from one foster family to another, health issues and never enough money or food. Now to survive she is working in a bar, trying to make enough for her meds and secretly sleeping in the breakroom. One evening, two beautiful women walk in the bar, and they must be in the wrong spot to be in this dive but regardless, here they are. The boss acts like they walk on water. What is so special with these two women and why does it seem that they have taken an interest in Ebony?

I have some criteria for starting a new author and book series; one the synopsis of the book needs to sound interesting, two the cover needs to catch my eye and finally, the first chapter needs to instantly grab my attention or I usually with struggle with the entire book. This book did not disappoint. I was hooked for the very beginning. The story was original and had some unique twists along the way. Just a little passion to keep you wanting more and the promise of the next book to keep you thinking. My only negative would be that the book was a little short. I would have liked a little more to the story.

Getting 5 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
instagram-amazon J. Thompson is an indie writer of fantasy fiction and paranormal romance, and a major fan of procrastination. Jenn has always loved history, so using her wild imagination and tying in her love of history and fantasy, she began a new adventure into the world of words. Weaving romance into old worlds and giving life to her mythical inspired novels is what Jenn does best, and she has a lot more planned in the future, including some hard assed demons.

When she isn't bent over her laptop with the crazy writer eyes, you will find Jenn making jewelry, cross stitching and it doing paper crafts. Jenn is also a fitness lover and enjoys working out with her husband, either at the gym or at Caveman Training.

J Thompson is a passionate, if a little nuts, author who believes wholeheartedly that people are good and that everyone deserves romance - even Hades.

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