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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Book Review: MYSTIC by Gabi Stevens

by Gabi Stevens
December 19, 2017
268 pages
Boroughs Publishing Group
How could a good deed go so wrong?

Trask Sinclair enjoys his life as a famous author living in New York City. But after stepping in to help a woman on the run—a woman with eyes that speak of hidden depth, intrigue, and loneliness—Trask is suddenly pulled into a world he never could have written.

Allys Joel sees the future when she touches someone. That’s why a Wall Street firm held her prisoner for sixteen months. Escaping, with Trask’s help, puts both their lives at risk. They must journey cross-country to get to the safety of the mysterious town of Mystic, Wyoming. As they fight for their lives, their freedom, and a possible budding romance, they must come face to face with the reality—and secrets—that may change their lives forever.

Trask Sinclair is a popular writer and is happy living in New York and working on his books. When he saves Allys from being bullied by a strange man in a hotel lobby, he has no idea what he has gotten himself into. Allys is a psychic and cannot touch other people without seeing one avenue that could be their future, so she has led an isolated life. When her life is in danger and she just needs to escape she inadvertently pulls Trask into her nightmare.

The only way to keep Allys safe is to travel across country to Mystic, Wyoming where the people there can save her from those who wish to extort her gift. There is no way the two of them can make it on their own and accept help from Mr. Nelson, a man her father told her to contact for help from Mystic. Mr. Nelson sends help in the unexpected ways.

When I first saw the cover of the book I was unsure if I would like the content, even though the cover was super cute, but the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” definitely came into play. The story was fantastic. It was original, fast-paced, full of twists and well worth the read.

Getting 5 sheep


About the Author:
Gabi Stevens was born in SoCal to Hungarian parents. After spending time in boarding school, college, grad school, and studying abroad, she spent seven years in the classroom trying to teach eighth graders the joys of literature. An award-winning author, Gabi writes in New Mexico where she lives with her robotics engineer husband, three daughters, and two dogs. She loves to play games (She’s appeared on Family Feud and Jeopardy!), has a wicked addiction to reading, forgets her age on the volleyball court, avoids housework and cooking whenever possible, and doesn’t travel nearly as much as she would like to.