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Monday, February 4, 2019

Guest Post: CROSSROADS A Multi-genre Romance Anthology + giveaway

Crossroads is a multi-genre anthology of 21 authors featuring 20 stories. Have you ever wondered why in the world would anyone write in an anthology, collection or box set, with others? We thought it would be a nice idea to tell you why a few of us thought writing a story around a central theme might be fun. 

LaVerne Thompson says- I enjoy the camaraderie of working with other authors. And in this case, to help the authors in this set in any way I can achieve their dream of making a major bestsellers list.

Dahlia Rose says- If you look at the lineup, these are some of the best authors of interracial romance there is. This box set means something. We are trying to meet a goal where we don’t see many IR books. In the publishing industry, while our genre is one of the more profitable, we don’t get the press like other genres. This box set sends a message that we are here and damn our books are fantastic.

Olivia Gaines says- All of my buddies from my favorite conference are in the set. I was not coming to conference and have everybody talk about this box set and Olivia not be a part of the team! Besides, we have a chance to do something awesome here, and I think we can.

Afton Locke says- I met most of my fantastic co-authors at the IRAE convention in Florida, and doing a creative project together sounded very exciting. I also seek exposure to more readers.

Aliyah Burke says- I enjoy collaborating with fellow authors, especially ones I have such admiration for, and these authors nail that without any questions. This is my honor to be part.

Reana Malori says- I jumped at the opportunity to work with a group of amazing authors.

In truth, we just all enjoy working on a project together.

CROSSROADS A Multi-genre Anthology
April 23, 2019 Genre: Multi-genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Military Romance, Billionaire romance, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Flavorfullove Unlimited Publishing.
Cover Artist: Angel Bradfield
Every decision may cost you.

Join 21 bestselling and award-winning authors as they bring you action, adventure and drama in these 20 multi-genre stories that will keep you entertained even after you finish the books.

These stories run the gambit of the paranormal, other worlds, contemporary millionaires, military themed, alpha males, romantic suspense and even a touch of intrigue. There’s something for everyone and enough for all.

LAVERNE THOMPSON- Wild Child- CroXroads Book 1 
NALEIGHNA KAI- A Lover Like No Other 
V VEE- Growl’s Queen 
AFTON LOCKE- Look Into My Eyes 
ALIYAH BURKE- Restricted Maneuvers 
S.K. LESSLYy - Broken Promises 
KASSANNA- Redemption 
REANA MALORI- Tangled Lies 
SAGE YOUNG- Shattered Promises 
LATRIVIA WELCH- Good Luck, Charlie! 
SAVANNAH J. FRIERSON- A Professional Pact 
SHARA AZOD– A Promise Kept 
EVE VAUGHN - Invisible

Pre-order for $.99

About the Authors:

LaVerne Thompson is a USA Today Bestselling, Award-winning, Multi-published Author, an avid reader and a writer of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi romances. She also writes romantic suspense and new adult under the pen name Ursula Sinclair, her alter ego, who likes her relationships a little more complicated. Under either name chocolate is her Achilles heel.

Eve Vaughn is a New York Time and USA Today Bestselling Author she has enjoyed creating characters and stories from an early age. As a child she was always getting into mischief, so when she lost her television privileges (which was often), writing as her outlet. Her stories have gotten quite a bit spicier since then! When she's not writing or spending time her family, Eve is reading, baking, traveling or kicking butt in 80's trivia.

Aliyah Burke is a USA Today Bestselling Author an avid reader and is never far from pen and paper (or the computer). She is married to a career military man, they have four Borzoi. Her days are spent sharing her time between work, writing, and dog training/showing.

Latrivia Welch is a USA Today Bestselling. "Where's the fun in playing it safe?"

FUN FACT: Latrivia Welch is the "godmother" of the Russian Mafia Romance genre. She founded the genre in 2010 with Dmitry's Closet (Book One) of The Medlov Crime Family Series and has written over 20 books in the genre since. Now, hundreds of authors have joined the subgenre with books of their own.

If you're reading one of Latrivia's books, you'll have plenty of fun, because nothing is safe.

S.K. Lessly is a Bestselling Author and originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She has a love of action movies, hanging with family and friends, reading her loads of smut from her favorite authors and writing a bit of smut herself. Her debut to the IR world came on November 14th will hopefully flood Amazon with many more of her works. As a friend has coined, She is a 'artist of the written word' and is truly looking forward to sharing her misunderstood imagination with those that love a good romance book to escape to.

Phoenix Daniels is a Bestselling Author and a woman who has suffered through LIFE!! She loves hard and appreciates her "outlets". She writes to get through it all. She is a law enforcement officer and has seen it all. That is always what she writes about. Her men will always be "alpha males" and her women will always be the hero. You'll either love her or hate her. But, she will love you all. She prays you enjoy her work.

Kassanna is a Bestselling Author and a strong believer in love at first sight and happily ever afters. Writing has always been her passion but fate sometimes has other roads that must first be taken. Navigating the road less traveled was not only unexpected but in the end extremely rewarding. Her books are mainly contemporary romance but she has delved into the paranormal, fantasy, and plans on expanding into other areas as the ideas come to her. Right now she is enjoying life and seeing her works come into fruition make it that much more pleasurable especially when her books make others smile. Kassanna wouldn't have it any other way.

Afton Locke is a USA Today Bestselling Author who prefers romantic fantasies to everyday reality. Fantasies take her to different times, races, places, and beyond. She lives with her husband, several unnamed dust bunnies, and a black cat that can be scary or cuddly, depending on the current book. When she's not writing, Afton enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and watching retro T.V.

Angela Kay Austin is a Bestselling Author and has always loved expressing herself creatively. An infatuation with music led to years playing several instruments, some better than others. A love for acting put her in front of a camera or two for her thirty seconds on camera before giving way to a degree and career in communications. After completing a second degree in marketing, Angela found herself combining her love for all things creative and worked in promotions and events for many years.

Reana Malori is a Bestselling Author her stories focus on Interracial romance, with lots of steam to keep things interesting. A firm believer that LOVE in all its forms should be celebrated, her goal is to weave a story that brings the reader into her world, even if only for a short time. On any given day, you can find her reading a book by one of her favorite authors, or bent over her laptop working to bring you more goodness.

V Vee is a Bestselling Author and started writing at the age of 10 and hasn’t stopped writing since. Now a multi-genre, bestselling, award-winning author, V. Vee writes diverse romance and believes in equality, justice, women, diversity, and Jason Momoa. Always in Jason Momoa. Because... it’s Jason Momoa.

Dahlia Rose is a Bestselling Author of contemporary erotica, suspense and paranormal romance. She was born and raised on a Caribbean island and now currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her five kids who she affectionately nicknamed "The children of the corn," and her biggest supporter/long time love. She has a love of erotica, dark fantasy, sci-fi and the things that go bump in the night. Books and writing are her biggest passion and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books.

Ancelli is a Bestselling Author she enjoys scribbling and making her words come to life. She loves writing romance stories about couples that go through trials and come out stronger.

Sage Young is a Bestselling Author of erotically sensual romance novels. Currently residing in Philadelphia, PA, she entered the self-publishing arena in the fall of 2013 with her debut novel DELUSIONAL LOVE. She continued the saga with DEFINED LOVE in the winter of 2014. Sage uses every spare moment to indulge in her second favorite passion, writing. Her favorite saying "Always explore the possibilities". She hopes that you will enjoy her novel and looks forward to your feedback.

Jayha Leigh and Jeanie Johnson are Bestselling Authors. Two apologies. A kickazz tag-team bound together by the pen, Jeanie (the shagalicious wordslinger) and Jayha (the literary badazz) are forces of nature that will either leave you begging for mercy or begging for more.

Naleighna Kai is a National Bestselling and Award-winning Author of several controversial novels, contributor to a New York Times bestseller, and the E. Lynn Harris Author of Distinction. She has penned Every Woman Needs a Wife, Loving Me for Me, Was it Good For You Too?, Open Door Marriage, She Touched My Soul, Rich Woman's Fetish, and other contemporary fiction novels that plumb the depth of unique love triangles and women's issues.

Savannah J. Frierson is a Bestselling Author. She realized writing was her calling her junior year of high school. She began her first original work, RECONSTRUCTING JADA CHANNING, during her senior year of college and released her first novel, BEING PLUMVILLE, three years later in 2007. BEING PLUMVILLE earned Savannah SORMAG Readers' Choice Awards in 2007 and an Emma Award nomination for Debut Author of the Year at the 2008 Romance Slam Jam Conference. She has also spoken at several book fairs, including Capital Bookfest in Charleston, South Carolina, book clubs, radio shows, and classes about her work.

Shara Azod is a Bestselling Author. She is well let's just say touched. Born a Marine brat, Shara is a Navy Veteran with a pathological love for men in uniform, chocolate, and heroes that are maybe a touch psychotic. With over seventy-five books in her backlog, Shara has no intention of slowing down any time soon. She's definitely not safe for work, or the kids, or- you know what? She's just not safe.

Ursula Sinclair is a Bestselling Author and the alter ego of USA Today Bestselling Author LaVerne Thompson. Ursula’s work focuses on romantic suspense and new adult romances. She loves creating characters that are outside the norm. Her heroines don’t follow the traditional female expectations and her men won’t have it any other way.

Olivia Gaines is a Multiple Award-winning, Best-selling Amazon Author, Olivia loves a good laugh coupled with some steam, mixed in with a man and woman finding their way past the words of "I love you." An author of contemporary romances, she writes heartwarming stories of blossoming relationships about couples not only falling in love but building a life after the hot sex scene.


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  1. I like that S.K. uses the term "smut". An author once asked her readers how they felt about the term smut. I use it almost as a term of affection for the hot/erotic romance genre myself.

  2. It's a neat idea to have an anthology that covers all different genre of stories. I'm always looking for new authors to read so this is a great way to meet new authors.

  3. Thanks for the post and giveaway. Sounds really good

  4. I am looking forward to reading this book !

  5. Smut is such a naughty but acceptable term lol