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Monday, February 11, 2019

Chapters: Interactive Stories App presents Ashlyn Chase's Strange Neighbors

Update from Ashlyn Chase:

I was told by a kind reader who didn't want me to be blindsided that there are a lot of negative reviews of the Chapters Interactive version of Strange Neighbors.

First, let me say I feel terrible if my words misled people and I would like to try to make it up to you. Apparently 'video game' was the wrong terminology. A 'choose your own romance game' wasn't right either. There's one hero and one heroine, and no choices there. I probably should have called it an interactive story, but when it was presented to me, I was told 'video game.' I admit I should have investigated it more thoroughly before signing the contract. Chalk one up to an excited author flattered that someone saw more potential in her crazy imagination.

So...I can't do much (or anything) about the game itself. I was told I'd have a chance to preview it and give my approval before it went live. That didn't happen. However, that doesn't absolve me of the confusion I may have caused.

Please...instead of leaving a negative review, do get in touch with me. I can give you a free copy of my latest book Tiger's Night Out in any format you like. Or, if you already bought that one, I can offer you another Indie.

Again, I'm sincerely sorry for rhe confusion.

What if you could turn a book from your favorite genre (like romance!) into an interactive game experience. Well, now you can! Crazy Maple Studio has created Chapters: 

Aaaaaand...Ashlyn Chase's PNR comedy Strange Neighbors has been released today! You can download the app and read/play along.
Check out the trailer below!
Download the app
About Chapter: Interactive Stories:

"Chapters Interactive is delighted to publish Strange Neighbors as a mobile video game on February 11th. When our editors read the book, we knew it would be so fun to take to the mobile screen. We are delighted to show you the art we’ve created for this quirky band of friends sharing their lives in the same apartment building."

“Strange Neighbors is exactly the kind of content our users are going to love,” Joey Jia, Chapters CEO. “We can’t wait for our users to meet the characters.”

About the Author:
Ashlyn Chase describes herself as an Almond Joy bar. A little nutty, a little flaky, but sweet, wanting only to give readers satisfying stories that leave them smiling.

She worked as an RN for 20 years but now writes full time. She's a multi-published, award-winning author of paranormal romantic comedies, represented by the Seymour Agency.


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