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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Character Confessions: Sophie Whynot - Sex toy blogger?!

Meet Sophie Whynot

Wow. I’m not sure what else I have to confess after Love Spell opens with my grandmother catching me with a vibrator. It’s for work! I just started a sex toy review blog, but it’s really so much more than that. Before I met Tyson Drake, I was perpetually single. It was one of those things everyone came to count on—death, taxes, and that Sophie never used her plus one on an invite.

Coming to Summerland, Tennessee changed everything about my life in the course of a week. The things I did when I lived in Chicago, hardly seem relevant. So let me tell you how I wound up in Summerland.

I might have had a nervous breakdown at my friend’s baby shower. One of those sitting on the floor of the bathroom stall at the country club, face covered in snot and runny mascara. I was so tired of feeling like one of those hopeless always single girls in a romantic comedy who couldn’t identify with her friends anymore after they got married. It was definitely a low point, but it was also the moment I decided to take control.

My life wasn’t missing anything because I was flying solo. I wanted to take advantage of that—travel and actually take care of myself without any apologies. I started a blog because being tied to a 9-5 is such a drag. My first idea was a ​"​cooking for one​"​ blog. I quickly realized that beyond the basics, I suck at cooking. But I love eating great food because it makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself. Taking care of myself as a single thirty-something led to the sex toy review blog. I wanted to give single women a resource to make sure all their needs were met, and a place to talk about the challenges of being on our own in a world that was built for pairs.

Now that I’m part of a pair, I will still be championing my single ladies. I can’t forget what got me here. I’m an enchantress, and I want to help people find love. I’ll be sticking around Summerland for the foreseeable future, so if you think you’re a great match for a really hot dragon, hit me up. I’ll see if we can make a love connection. 

A dragon stuck in his human form. A fledgling enchantress with a saucy blog. And a decades-old love spell that might have succeeded after all. 

Love Spell (Smoky Mountain Dragons #1 )
by Kristen Strassel 
May 1, 2019 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Sophie Whynot can’t watch another one of her friends get married or have a baby when her own prospects for love are dire. Scratch that, catastrophic. This trip to the Smoky Mountain village to stay with her Gran is a much needed reset. A chance to get her blog off the ground and to learn about the magic her grandmother practices. A chance to get to really know herself.

Tyson Drake knows exactly who he is, and it was stolen from him when Sophie’s grandmother cast a love spell on his dragon thunder half a century ago. The spell was supposed to help him find his mate, but instead, doomed him to walk the earth as a human. Not a mate in sight. And nothing he's tried to get his fire back has worked.

But when his feelings for Sophie intensify, is he willing to take a chance on another Whynot enchantress, or will her magic be the end of him?

About the Author: Kristen Strassel has always been fascinated with creatures of the night—which lead her to write rock stars and vampires. She loves unlikely pairings, second chances, and of course, happily ever afters. When she isn’t writing, Kristen works as a makeup artist for film and television. She lives near Boston.

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