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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

BooK Review: Seize (A Magnus Blackwell Novel, Book 3) by Alexandrea Weis & Lucas Astor

Seize (A Magnus Blackwell Novel, Book 3)
by Alexandrea Weis & Lucas Astor
March 26th 2019
Genres: Adult, Supernatural
Pages: 291

Lexie Arden has a loving husband, a thriving business, and consults with the New Orleans Police Dept on murder cases. Kalfu has given her everything she desires, but challengers to her authority are closing in.

Her dark secret remains hidden from everyone except Magnus. He sees the evil growing stronger, changing her, and hurting her marriage. If Lexie doesn't rid herself of Kalfu's influence soon, the consequences will be irreversible.

When she unexpectedly inherits a cottage in the swamp, she uncovers a library of rare books on voodoo. Their spells can reverse the dark lord's hold and set right the balance between darkness and light. But such magic requires a great sacrifice; one Lexie isn't willing to make.

With the shadow spirits and raging voodoo gods vying for her attention, Lexie is on the verge of losing everything—her husband, her power, Magnus, and possibly, her life.

The battle for control of the mambo's soul is about to begin.

Lexie has settled into New Orleans with her husband and also her spirit guide Magnus. She is happy with her business which is doing exceptionally well and consults with the New Orleans Police Department on cases as well. There are others in New Orleans who want what she has and will stop at nothing to possess her power.

Lexie has complicated relationships with almost everyone in her life from human to spirit to god. Her relationship with Magnus is my favorite because it shows her desire to do right but all and that people, as well as spirits, can change. Her relationship with her husband is a little more palatable now but she is keeping some pretty important secrets from him that could jeopardize their entire life together. Kalfu, who is dark is the one that talks out both sides of his mouth and that drives Lexie nuts. This is a series that keeps you on your toes and is a delight to read.

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About the Author:
Born and raised in New Orleans, Alexandrea Weis grew up in the motion picture industry and began writing at the age of eight. After finishing her Ph.D. in Nursing, Alexandrea decided to pick up the pen again. She has published a number of award-winning novels, and won countless national awards for fiction. A certified/permitted wildlife rehabber with the La. Wildlife and Fisheries, when not writing, Alexandrea rescues orphaned and injured wildlife. She and her husband live in New Orleans.

Lucas Astor is from New York, has resided in Central America and the Middle East, and traveled through Europe. He lives a very private, virtually reclusive lifestyle, preferring to spend time with a close-knit group of friends than be in the spotlight.

He is an author and poet with a penchant for telling stories that delve into the dark side of the human psyche. He likes to explore the evil that exists, not just in the world, but right next door behind a smiling face.

Photography, making wine, and helping endangered species are just some of his interests. Lucas is an expert archer and enjoys jazz, blues, and classical music.

One of his favorite quotes is:  “It’s better to be silent than be a fool.”  ~Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird)

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