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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Book Review: Pack of Lies (The Potentate of Atlanta Book 2) by Hailey Edwards

Pack of Lies (The Potentate of Atlanta Book 2) 
by Hailey Edwards
January 15, 2020
Pages: 283
Hadley is losing time, and her shadow refuses to shed light on the gaps in her memory. How can she protect her city if she can't remember where she goes or what she does when she ought to be asleep? Her grim history appears to be stuck on repeat, and the only way forward might be a scythe through her back.
Hadley has huge time gaps in her memory and keeps waking in strange places and she has no idea why. Is Ambrose taking over when her defenses are weak in sleep? Is another monster trying to control her? These are all questions she needs to answer if she wants to keep being the apprentice for the potentate of Atlanta.

Midas and Hadley are both have extremely strong personalities making the chemistry between them explosive. Midas has a troubled past that he doesn’t want Hadley to know about, so he tries to stay far from her, but his inner beast has other thoughts when it comes to Hadley. Hadley has secrets that absolutely need to stay hidden but when she’s around Midas a small spark of hope forms that maybe, just maybe she could share her dark past with him.

Getting 5 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
Hailey Edwards writes about questionable applications of otherwise perfectly good magic, the transformative power of love, the family you choose for yourself, and blowing stuff up. Not necessarily all at once. That could get messy. She lives in Alabama with her husband, their daughter, and a herd of dachshunds.

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  1. Loved The Beginner's Guide to Necromancy series but haven't started reading this spin-off yet. It looks pretty good.