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Thursday, March 5, 2020

WIP is Real Good: PNR Author Jane S. Morrissey

Here’s a teaser from Circle of Time – book 4 in the Quytel Series!

“And you never said anything to me.” Jonah made it a statement, but even in this hallucination Mack read the subtle hurt in his friend’s voice.

“No.” There was no reason for deception at this point. The fact that he’d been able to hide anything from his Commander shouldn’t have been possible, but he’d grown more powerful in the last few years of his existence. Too powerful.


“I’m not sure now.” Mack shook his head, trying to clear the haze from his brain. Why hadn’t he trusted Jonah with his suspicions?

“And you figured out how to block my power.” True to form Jonah cut through to the heart of the matter. His voice held anger, but Mack wasn’t sure if it was because of his transgression as a Warrior, or as a friend.

“Yes,” he admitted. “I knew it was time.”

“To die,” Jonah interrupted him, his image fading and then snapping back with alarming clarity.

Mack nodded, somewhat comforted by the presence of his oldest friend, even if it was a figment of his imagination.

“You’re on your own here.” His friend’s image flickered again.

“Where am I?” Mack demanded with as much force as a wet puppy shivering in the cold.

Jonah’s image blinked out.

“Am I dead?”

The image popped back into focus for a moment and sadness in Jonah’s expression sliced through the fog of Mack’s confusion.

“Worse.” Jonah disappeared, leaving Mack on the cold, hard ground with a hole in his soul.

Circle of the Pack (Quytel Series Book Three)
by Jane S. Morrissey
March 4, 2020
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Fiction
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing, New York
Number of pages: 286
Word Count: 77,009
Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde, Soul Mate Publishing
Pulled together despite themselves, Maliha and Ash join forces in a battle to save their souls.

The mysterious and illusive Maliha Courtland has ensnared Ash Montgomery and he’s not happy about it. When she disappears, he is the only one who can track her. What he finds will change his life forever.

Not long after her recovery from a brutal demon attack Maliha finds herself a prisoner. As she fights for her sanity, she uncovers a part of herself she never could have imagined. Ash may be the one person who can keep her safe, but what will he have to sacrifice in the process?

Ash approached her slowly, afraid she might dart into the woods. Moonlight lit the clearing and highlighted the silver streak running down the right side of Mali’s long dark hair.

He knew her energy now; it was as much a part of him as his next breath.

Standing with her hands on her hips, she looked nervous but determined. He stopped about two feet from her and waited, relishing the flare of desire mixed with apprehension.

“Okay.” She held his curious stare and inhaled as if she would say something. Closing her mouth, she paced a short distance away, muttering something curiously like a curse before pacing back. “I need to ask you a favor.”

Lips twitching with an effort not to smile, Ash put his hands in his pockets and waited. “Shoot.”

Pacing back to him, she planted her feet so they were nearly nose to nose. A spark of defiance glittered in her energy and ran cautious fingers through his. The sensation was . . . interesting.

About the Author:
Jane Morrissey is a paranormal romance writer who loves romance, magic, and writing. Her paranormal romantic mysteries will keep you reading late into the night. Jane spends her time writing, enjoying the glorious California Coast near her home and spending as much time as she can with family and friends.

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  1. i do love paranormal romance and enjoyed the post. does sounds like a fun read with the characters personalities coming through from the tease and excerpt
    sherry @ fundinmental