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Monday, March 9, 2020

Book Review: Never Date A Vampire (Beware of Vampires Book One) by Marilyn Vix + giveaway

Never Date A Vampire (Beware of Vampires Book One)
by Marilyn Vix
Oct. 22, 2019
Genre: paranormal romance
ISBN: 9781393015406
Word Count: 20K
Cover Artist: Melody Simmons of eBookindiecovers
What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay there. But date a vampire, and you may never leave. Cass finds herself in a mess. Can a vampire save her?
A trip to Las Vegas can be the most fun of your life.

But what if you know witches? Warlocks?

What other creatures could there be in the Las Vegas paranormal underground?

Cassandra Sanders has witnessed a messy witch divorce. Things have blown apart behind her as her friends fought with a warlock. She rides to the Stratosphere with her witch and warlock friends thinking that the worst is behind her. Throw in an Elvis impersonator, and you already have a good time ahead. But she wonders, what about her? She’s all-alone in Las Vegas. What could go wrong if she played some blackjack?

The meeting of a mysterious stranger doesn’t alarm Cass. After a casual drink, she seems to start to lose her will. Is she losing her mind? Drawn to him, she knows that maybe, this was too good to be true. He was too perfect. But in the world of the paranormal underground, where witches and warlocks played, what else should she be afraid of? Will she find out when she reaches his hotel room?

Experience what Cass finds out about the Las Vegas paranormal underground in this new series by Marilyn Vix, a sequel to the Beware of Warlocks series.

Never Date a Vampire is the first book in the Beware of Vampires series. I always enjoy a good vampire read, no matter how it all unfolds there is just something that pulls me to the fang gang. While I was on the fence about this new read, I did enjoy many aspects of the story.

As someone who's been to Las Vegas, I could picture certain parts and hotels described in the book. There was some really humorous banter between characters at times. For a PNR it had a lot of the elements that are enjoyable if you like a lighter read that's silly, sexy and fun.

While this tale was a little too soft for my tastes, I did savor as much of the story as possible which included my undead loves. My addiction to PNR tends to like darker adventures with lots of action and butt kicking. However I am recommending this one to those that like an enjoyable weekend read.

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Excerpt from Chapter 1: Never Date A Vampire
Before I had more time to dwell on his charm, he asked, “Well, have you eaten yet?”

I nodded. “I already ate upstairs.”

“At the Top of the World?” I nodded again as he continued, fascinated by his voice and the accent I still couldn’t place. He was saying something about the view or the lights, but it was hard to follow when I couldn’t take my eyes off his mouth. His lips. His voice was a strong rhythm mesmerizing my brain. He stopped talking and I watched as a slow smile formed. I blinked and looked into his amazing eyes. “We could get out of here and explore the Strip.”

I shook my head, mumbling, “Sure.”

“Let’s go, then.” He finished the rest of his martini. I just left the rest of my drink. We moved out of the seating area. He stopped at the bar, dropping a bill onto the counter. It must have been a big bill, because the guy gave him a big thank you. My Bond-like date waved at him.

As I walked next to him, I realized I still didn’t know his name. As if he read my mind, he answered, “By the way, my name is Dante.”

“I’m Cassandra. Cassie for short.”

“Glad to know you, Cassie.”

He put his arm around my waist and guided me up the stairs to the front doors. I felt the pressure of his hand on my back. All of a sudden, I wanted him. I felt the pounding of my heart. My legs were moving almost as if I had no will over them, and all I wanted was to be with Dante. We walked out the door, and he gave a ticket to the valet.

He turned to me, saying, “Now my dear, we’ll take in the best sight in Vegas: my hotel room.” He kissed me, slowly, deliciously, and all I wanted to do was be with him. My brain focused on nothing else. I even didn’t mind the cheesy line of being taken to his hotel room. The valet pulled up in his black Lamborghini, and he helped me get in. I leaned back in the leather seats, shaking my head for a minute as he broke contact with my arm. But it only lasted for a minute, because I felt his hand caressing my hand after he got into the driver’s seat. “Lean back and relax Cassie. It’s not a long drive.”

That’s when I felt my eyes starting to close slowly. Outside the car, someone was calling my name, but I didn’t see who because everything went dark.

About the Author:
Marilyn is a paranormal romance novelist. She enjoys the characters that just don’t fit in. From witches to time traveling researchers, she is letting her imagination soar to explore new worlds and write all the details down. Marilyn has traveled to Paris, London, Sydney, Munich and Las Vegas. She loves to include these settings as much as possible. Best of all is letting her reader enjoy them through the perspective of a character. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband and cat. The cat, of course, is the center of attention.


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  1. i haven't read any of her work, but have enjoyed many visits to vegas and love a familiar place. we recently canceled a trip we had planned in the near future, but it wasn't because of vampires.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. I like books about and around a clean romance.