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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Book Review: Chasing Magic (The Last Witch Coven Book 1) by Rachel Medhurst + giveaway

by Rachel Medhurst

July 29, 2020
205 pages
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance 
An elemental witch with limited magic falls in love with a human. Standard really.

My story is a typical one. Girl meets boy, drama ensues, and the warlocks try to kill me. Okay, maybe not so typical. And yet, it’s on point. My whole life, I’ve been one of eight members left in the last witch coven. Cursed to continually revisit the earth until all eight of us unite with our soul match in one lifetime, we fight the warlocks in order to reawaken magic before the witches finally die out.

Antony is my hunky bodyguard, assigned to me by the last witch elder. When I’m kidnapped by the warlocks, he stops at nothing to find me, even though he’s in complete denial about our connection. Still, can’t blame a guy for freaking out when he finds out that he’s a witch, destined to be my soul match. Only time will tell if we’re able to fulfil our fate or will magic fade, along with my happiness?


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Penny is one of only ten surviving witches in the last witch coven. The coven consists of ten young “brothers and sisters” raised by a surrogate mother and father team of witch guardians. From an early age, the witches are prepared for their mission: find your human mate, someone with latent ancestral witch blood, and form a bond. The bond will ignite the dormant magic within the human and, eventually, within the world. The witches have lived several lifetimes; each time failing to fully form the bond. If this sounds confusing, readers need not worry. The mission is stated constantly throughout the book almost as if the characters themselves are questioning its veracity. At 18, Penny is struggling to forge an identity apart from her coven. She is living independently from her brothers and sisters, but when a slip up exposes her magic she is forced back into communal living.

Chasing Magic is a rework of a book entitled Pisces, part of the series formerly known as The Twin Flame Zodiac series. This was the first book I’ve read by Medhurst and I am unfamiliar with the original series, however, it would appear the rework wasn’t quite reworked enough. I struggle with YA content. I like my paranormal romance and urban fantasy books to be distinctly more adult. I found Chasing Magic very juvenile and somewhat silly. A younger audience may appreciate its na├»ve romantic elements, however, I was only mildly entertained. There are scenes between Penny and her mate that build romantic tension nicely but definitely suited for a younger audience. Penny constantly ponders her love match. Granted, the whole of witchy existence relies on this match, but Penny dreamily wonders “Who can it be?” at every turn – even when in mortal danger – while the identity of her love match is painfully obvious from the start.

There is a giant cast of character in Penny’s “brothers” and “sisters” in the coven. Presumably, each character will get their own book telling the tale of their love match. They are introduced in Chasing Magic, but I struggled to keep them straight. Towards the end of the book, some details are revealed about these characters almost as an afterthought. The details are disjointed with the storyline and lack adequate integration. The storyline itself has some merit, however, the execution misses the mark. The characters make odd choices that constantly place them and/or their loved ones in the path of danger. I found I was annoyed more than entertained.

This will be my last foray into the lives of the last witch coven. I am optimistic Medhurst will find an audience among a younger, dreamier readership.

Two Sheep

Bianca Greenwood

The dark descended as I tripped over the paving slab, only just catching my balance. I hated being out alone at night, but there was just something about walking around, unhindered by those who had tried to trap me. It gave me a buzz.

My coven had tried to warn me about being safe on the outside. The warlocks who promised to end our existence were getting pretty close to winning. With only ten witches left in the world, it wouldn’t take long for them to carry out their threat.

The scrape of something on the ground behind me made me look over my shoulder. A shudder travelled down my spine as the quiet street echoed every little sound. The apartment I shared with a new friend was only a few roads away. Would I make it in time?

If a warlock followed me, I would have to get creative. As a witch, I was almost powerless. Yeah, we’d been cursed a long time ago and there was barely any magic left, so the reason for my existence was pretty clear. Bring magic back to earth or else the witches would die out for good.

Fun, huh?

My footsteps sped up when the meow of a cat made me jump, forcing adrenaline to pump through my veins. Every single horror movie I’d ever watched flashed through my mind. And yet, the fear was real.

“Please,” I muttered to myself. “Don’t prove them right.”

The footstep sounded again. Propelling forward, I started to run, too terrified to stay cool. I wasn’t the most athletic, which was an understatement, but I managed to bolt down the street and into the next one within seconds.

Glancing over my shoulder, I shuddered as my gaze tried to find a warlock lurking in the shadows. There was nothing there, the streets were empty. Instead of slowing, I pelted it the rest of the way back to my apartment, too scared to even stop for fish and chips like I’d planned.

“Hey,” Kat, my flatmate, greeted me as I slammed the door shut behind me. “What’s up?”

Shrugging, I smiled, half dying as my breath huffed in and out. “Thought I heard someone behind me, you know how it is.”

Kat was settled on the sofa, remote in hand. “I hate when that happens.”

Unable to help myself, I laughed as I waved a hand in dismissal and went into the bathroom, fully intending to emerge myself in a hot bath for ten hours.

The bath filled quickly, allowing me to submerge myself within minutes. Shivers easing, I relaxed into the water and closed my eyes.


The blurred vision of Kat staring down at me made me jump. Pulling my head out of the water, I rubbed a hand over my face. She gasped when bathwater streamed from my mouth, pouring out of my lungs. My long brown hair stuck to my back, almost glued to my skin. I whipped a strand away from my mouth as I sat up.

“What the hell? You looked dead. I thought you were dead…!”

I tried to cover my nakedness, but Kat didn’t pay any attention.

“I can breathe underwater,” I said casually, climbing out of the bath and wrapping a towel around myself.

“You can breathe underwater?”

Chasing Warlocks (The Last Witch Coven Book 2) 

About the Author:
Rachel grew up in South East England. She learnt at a young age that life can be hard work. She now believes that whatever happens to you, you can overcome it.

She writes to help others see that no matter where you come from, you can still achieve your dreams. As a teenager she would never have dreamed of becoming an author.

However, in her twenties, she realised that she was allowing her past to dictate her future. She decided to accept and forgive everything that had happened to her, everyone that had hurt or upset her and she even forgave herself for allowing life to bring her down.

In early 2014 after writing The Deadliners, Rachel decided to self publish. It was one of the best things she's ever done. Since then, she's released numerous series' and really enjoys writing full time.

Rachel will always remember where she came from, but only to see how far she has come.

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