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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Cover Reveal: Dr. Cushing's Chamber of Horrors (Cushing Horrors Book 1) by Stephen D. Sullivan

by Stephen D. Sullivan (Author), Mark Maddox (Illustrator)
August 30, 2020
437 pages
The monsters aren’t only in the museum!

Despite a lifetime of traveling with their father to collect strange artifacts, twins Topaz and Opal Cushing have never fully believed in monsters or the supernatural. Oh, sure, they share an eerie psychic connection, and their tarot card readings often come true, but… Werewolves? Vampires? Living mummies? None of those could be real. Those legends are just for rubes. Right?

Since the girls’ father has been away, though, strange things have been happening in the family’s little exhibit—and in the waxworks studio that shares their dilapidated Victorian mansion on the outskirts of London. Now, the twins’ dreams of a fun, romantic summer season are turning into a nightmare, and the monsters are running...

Dr. Cushing’s Chamber of Horrors!
“Dr. Cushing is easily Sullivan’s best creation to date! Mixing the roller-coaster thrills of the Universal monster rally films like House of Frankenstein with the moody sexiness of Hammer’s 1960s gothic horrors, he throws in more monster fun than anyone has a right to expect! I’m ready for the sequel—now!” Rodney Barnett, film scholar and co-host of the NaschyCast horror podcast
“I just loved this eerie and fun offering with its Vincent Price-inspired wax museum and lots of old-time monsters creeping about in the shadows, from the Werewolf to the Mummy, and more. Sure to give you good shivers that'll keep you up all night!”
C.A. Verstraete, author of the Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter series

About the Author:
Hi!  My name is Stephen D. Sullivan, and I’ve been working professionally in fantasy publishing as an author, artist, and editor since 1980.

I was a TSR editor and artist during the early days of Dungeons & Dragons, and I helped found Pacesetter Ltd., creators of CHILL and a bunch of other award-winning games.  Over the years, I’ve written and created art for some of the best known properties in the world including Star Wars, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Iron Man.  For the past 25 years, I’ve been a freelancer most of the time (though I’ve occasionally taken a staff position to help pay the bills).  I co-hosted Uncanny Radio — where I was known as “Manwolf” — with my friend Linda Godfrey, and nowadays I make occasional appearances on Vince Rotolo’s B-Movie Cast podcast.

An ultra-brief version of my life story goes like this:

I was born in 1959, grew up in Massachusetts, attended SMU (U. Mass, Dartmouth), and moved to Wisconsin to work on Dungeons & Dragons in 1980.

I’ve been here ever since, writing stories, drawing, gaming, raising kids with my wife (whom I’ve been with since 1980 as well), and taking on miscellaneous strange projects – like Uncanny Radio and Time Wankers.

I’ve had more than 50 books published (counting the anthologies and the ghost-written stuff only alluded to on this site) and written a boat-load of short stories.  I’ve worked on more comics and games than I can easily count.  Along the way, I’ve won some cool, prestigious awards.  In my “spare” time, I also run a small publishing house, Walkabout Publishing.

As always, I’m happy just to be making a living (if you can call it that), doing what I love.

You can write to me: via this link (click here) — but please be kind (and patient), okay? Thanks!

I hope you have fun browsing the rest of my site.  You’ll find lots more info about my work there and, hey, maybe you’ll even want to buy something.  (I don’t want to be a starving artist all  my life, you know!)

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