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Sunday, August 16, 2020

YA UF Author A. Person talks about City of York (Kingdom in Darkness, #1)

My name is Arthur Person and I am a debut author who just recently published a novel entitled, City of York. This book is in the YA Urban Fantasy genre with New York City serving as a backdrop.

In this story, dragons are not found in the skies but roam wingless in the sewers. They are the physical manifestation of magic and the aura they project is weakening. Their existence is a secret which is fiercely guarded by a magical community hidden in plain sight. Three 19-year-olds unexpectedly make this discovery and must be dealt with. One individual wants to give dragons back the gift of flight and further conflict ensues to keep this world concealed.

by A. Person
May 15, 2020
318 pages
Genre: young/new adult, magical realism, urban fantasy, action/adventure
The Kingdom has been around for as long as mud has been on the planet. Magic abounds—and dragons are its physical manifestation. Once vibrant and proud, they now live in varying states of depression after having their wings clipped. New dragons have not been created since that fateful day, and the magical force has only dwindled with the passing of each dragon.

“Why hide ourselves among the masses in depression?
We are strong. What we are doing is self-suppression.
What happened to our pride? Don’t we want more?
This is not living life, not something we should sign up for.”

What everyone here is probably wondering, do those dragons eat sheep? This is supposed to be a safe place on the internet. Someone should tell those carnivores that wool is not very chewable.

The Community, the residents of the Kingdom, are no longer the dominant beings in the world. They have ceded that title to humans, or as they inconsiderately call them, Cromies. To ensure the Kingdom’s survival, the Council of Elders made the monumental decision to concentrate all the magic in one place: New York City. From the far corners of the world, the Exodus occurred. Dubbed the City of York by this mythical Community, here they all follow the Order to stay concealed and not bring harm to the general population. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants at large, the Community lives among them.

“So here's a tale, and it might sound crazy;
it may seem fairly stretched, but believe every word.
In this city, there's a million stories.
Now hear the greatest one that's never been told.
One day the Kingdom moved to town without saying hello.
This apparently happened while everyone was out to lunch.
What they did was add something /special to this city,
just like some red berries to a bowl of Cap'n Crunch.”

New York City? That is one place a sheep does not like to go. There is just way too much concrete and not enough grass. If this story takes me there, then please take me to Central Park. That place hits it right on the mutton, I mean button for me.

In the present day, Emily and her friends Cat and James run a start-up news organization. Their quest to inform the public has them unexpectedly crossing paths with members of the Community. When it is discovered that they have an affinity to magic, they are all provided guides, and they immerse themselves in this hidden world.

“Now there's three people telling the news, and they've got a lot to say.
They put up a website for you to peruse; it'll fill you in on the day.
Their time is spent sniffing out clues, and they don't report on hearsay;
telling the news without an agenda, they are going to do it their own way.”

You guys are on top of the news? Then do you know if those dragons eat sheep? I’ve asked this question way baaack in the beginning. Someone should tell them I make a great neighbor. My lawn is always neatly kept.

A motley cast of additional characters is encountered along the way. Prominent among them is Hollister McAvoy, who is a magically made billionaire. He has harnessed the power emanated by dragons and brought cheap, renewable energy to the city. While the Cromies rejoice, he continues to work toward his ultimate objective. There is an age-old prophecy that foretells the dawn of a magical revival. With access to money and technology, he aims to fulfill it by creating prosthetic wings and returning dragons to their former prestige. Can the Kingdom remain in darkness when dragons once again fly?

“How long can they stay in darkness? The Kingdom will now fret,
when there's a desire to uncover, report, and upload to the internet.
Who's going to win out? Go ahead, place a bet.
If you are ready to find out, then let's go--ready, set!”

Great, so the dragons don’t eat sheep but the trolls do! How can I get a pair of those wings? I keep hearing that the grass is greener on the other side and that’s where I want to be.

City of York is the first book in the series Kingdom in Darkness. It is written by A. Person and takes readers on a monewemental adventure in a fantastical New York City.

About the Author:
A. Person is a dreamer who has finally been able to give those manifestation tangible form.

What you have here is mush. Sit in front of a screen for too long and apparently your brain will turn into it. For decades upon decades, the imaginary has been colliding with items heard and remembered alongside those enjoyably misremembered. The media has successfully crafted concepts and rhythms which have incepted their way into my head. The proof is in the pudding or should I say mush.

Take out my brain from which all these files are stored and place it in a slow cooker for ten hours. Set it and forget it. Come back later in the day and uncover the appliance. Stir about the gooey creation nice and well. No one likes lumps in their grits or their brains. Take a spatula full and swing it at a wall. Do so as if you were in a frantic attempt to ward of a pesky little flyer. The globs that fall off, discard. The stuff that sticks is to be held in high regard. This I now present to you, clingy, questionably nourishing, intriguing mush.

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