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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Book Review: Eagle (Shifter Kings L.A. Book 1) by Holly Gunn + giveaway

Eagle (Shifter Kings L.A. Book 1)
by Holly Gunn
January 2, 2020
130 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
He’s prideful, rich, and next in line to be king of the eagles.

She’s an eensy bit prejudiced, and a lot rock and roll.

What these two City of Angels’ supernaturals are about to discover is that there is so much more to a person than what meets the eye.

Eagle Fitzwilliam Ambustus is controlled, precise, and direct. He doesn’t have the time nor the emotional wherewithal to be anything other than who he is. Others think him cold and unfeeling, but that’s just the surface. Beneath his suits, he is so much more.

Elizabeth Argueta is a free spirit. She’s a rock and roll, go-with-my-flow drummer on a mission to live life to the beat of her own drum. And most importantly, she’s got a view of the world that sets her firmly apart from the rich and the clingy of the L.A. scene.

When these two meet, it might be sparks-at-first-sight, but they’ll have to get over their pride and their prejudice to not only overcome those trying to keep them apart but also to understand and come to love each other ... just as they are.

Note: The first book in the Shifter Kings L.A. series is short, sassy, sexy, shift-tastic, and a whole lot of rock and roll … with a little Pride and Prejudice thrown in.

Told in first person, Eagle wasn't what I expected, nor were the hero and heroine.

Eagle is intense to say the least. He had a harsh upbringing and it shows in how he presents himself and how he sees the world around him. As short as the story is I felt that Eagle deserved a little bit more page time so that I could really get a read on him as a character. I feel like I just got the tip of the ice berg with this guy. He seemed to have multi-dimensional layers to him and it would have been great to have had more time to get into the different sides of him. He's a very "stiff upper lip" character.

Elizabeth "Izzy" Argueta is the total opposite. She lives her life openly and as uncomplicated as she can. She doesn't want to make time for anything that's going to get in the way of her way of doing things. She was certainly not who I was expecting Eagle to fall for. Izzy isn't perfect though, her free spirit attitude sometimes had her denying the reality of her situation and because she didn't stick to one type of magic very long, she didn't master any type of magic. At times it felt like she didn't take much seriously but she actually does. She has this magnetic kind of personality that draws people in and you can't help but like her.

The romance between Eagle and Izzy had this definite feel of I shouldn't like you, there are hundreds of reasons this is wrong but I can't help myself. I enjoyed the push and pull between them and because the book is short, there's not a lot of drama keeping these two apart. It's kind of on the quick side but still enjoyable.

Overall, Eagle does a solid job of introducing a new world to readers. My only real complaint was that the story is told in first person and for a world like the one the author is creating, I'd prefer to see things in third person to get a better picture of what's going on.

Sheep Rating: 3 Sheep

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About the Author:
I'm the proud momma to a golden retriever named Charlie, two tortoises named Jake and John, a frog named Toad, and a gopher snake. The latter is my girl, Holly Jr. There's also the fact that I'm a thunderstorm-loving, front porch-sitting, hot cocoa-drinking, beauty product-hoarding, self-proclaimed environmentalist who just happens to write erotic romance. Saddle up, sweetheart. I've got a slew of shifters, bad boys, dirty men, and smart, sexy babes to get you started!


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