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Monday, October 12, 2020

WIP it Real Good: Urban fantasy author Sarah Lampkin + giveaway

Between working a full-time software job, taking care of my crazy pack (Emer and Fox), and working on the Dead Dreamer finale and audiobooks…my life is absolutely insane. The only way I get through it is with my Irish whiskey. However, a while back, I wrote a short story on Wattpad dealing with schizophrenia and the Welsh myth Blodeuwedd. It was pretty well received so I’m going back to it when I have time and transforming it into a full-fledged book instead of just a short story.

“Through the bite of the winter air, my thumb played with the neon blue release in my bare left hand. Though the winter chill bit at my skin, the feeling of another layer over my hands bothered me. I wanted to feel the Evolve bow against my palm. The cold metal resting against my fingers eased the headache that had been forming.”
WHEN BLOOD SPEAKS is a murder-mystery surrounding a woman living in her cabin in the mountains, who discovers the naked body of a man frozen in the frozen mountain snow while archery hunting. As the investigation continues, strange things begin to surround her. But the question remains throughout: Is this all happening in her head, or is it truly happening?

As a hunter, I’m pulling from my own experience with this story. Having grown up near my great-aunt, I’m also pulling from her experience with schizophrenia and the ways she handled it. Of course, this is fiction and a murder-mystery story, so it’s not true to life…not completely anyway. But having the experiences I’ve had in my life, I’m excited to try something new that isn’t young adult, or fantasy. It’s a new world of writing for me and something that can help me grow as an author.

I’m not sure when this story will be complete. But I can’t wait to share this whole new world with everyone.
“Gulping back any fear, I took another step forward to try and see what was in the hole. My body jerked backward as I fell. My hand tightened on the grip of my bow, an attempt to hold back a scream. Sticking out from layers of snow, lying on the ground was a hand. A frozen hand.”

To Reap the Spirit (Dead Dreamer, #3)
by Sarah Lampkin
October 13th 2020
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal
The third installment in the haunting Dead Dreamer series.

Somehow Brenna Whit has survived to her junior year at Nephesburg College. Despite all odds, she’s fought against the Gatekeepers and lived. But the battle for the Fade has only just begun.

New pieces have been added to the board.

The Fade opens to the Veil.

And a Shade from the past returns.

With Brenna’s secret out, everyone is after her: dead and living alike. Those from across the sea have come and they’re determined regain control of their broken faction.

Questions will be answers
Fires will be lit
Chaos will reign

bout the Author:
Sarah Lampkin is a New Adult/Young Adult fiction author from Southern Virginia. She currently resides in Northern Virginia with her cat, Fox (who is practically a dog). When she’s not writing, she’s playing video games, rock climbing, or getting ready for hunting season. Sarah began writing over a decade ago with her first novella called Angels: Moon and Sun, which is now being rewritten as Tainted Wings on Wattpad. She draws inspiration from Celtic mythology in her stories and aims to create unique worlds following strong female protagonist. In 2015, Sarah was able to utilize her Dead Dreamer series in her graduate program and graduate with an MA in English.

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