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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Book Review: Fall of Night (Midnight Breed #17) by Lara Adrian

Fall of Night (Midnight Breed #17)
by Lara Adrian
January 31st 2021
300 pages
Breed warrior Micah is one of the Order’s best, his reputation for cold justice and lethal skill rivaled only by that of his formidable father, Tegan. So, when a mission Micah’s leading in an off-limits area called the Deadlands goes terribly wrong, leaving him the sole survivor of an apparent Atlantean attack, he won’t rest until he has answers...and vengeance for his fallen team.

Phaedra thought it was only a dream, a hideous nightmare. Yet somehow, she had been transported from her life in Rome to a stretch of barren forest when it suddenly lit up with unearthly fire, obliterating everything in its path—including the fiercely handsome Breed warrior she’d encountered in the dream. Or so she believed, until their paths cross again and Phaedra finds herself, and her Atlantean people, at the center of Micah’s wrath.

With tensions between the Breed and the Atlanteans already edging toward war, and another powerful nemesis growing bolder by the day, uncovering the stunning truth about what happened in the Deadlands will force Micah and Phaedra to work together in an alliance forged by fate and an undeniable desire neither of them can resist.

Lara Adrian grabbed my attention in 2007 when she released her very first book in the Midnight Breed series. It was a different take on the vampire myth, and I fell into the world she created immediately. Fast forward 14 years, 17 full-length books, and 9 novellas later and the series still packs a punch. Adrian took her original group of Breed males, told their stories, and started a second generation of stories with their offspring. Quite a feat since most romance series lose steam after a few books.

Now here we are with a brand-new book, Fall of Night and the hero in the story is the son of my favorite OG, Tegan! My fear with this book was that Micah would end up being a carbon copy of his father, but he wasn't, not completely. Micah is just as formidable a warrior as Tegan is, but with one huge difference: His mother's influence. Micah had a kindness (buried down deep but it's there lol) to him that definitely came from his mother Elise. Micah grew up in a battle-torn world, but he didn't have the centuries of life, war, and trauma that his father did. Micah did a wonderful job establishing himself as his own Breed male. He was the best of both worlds and definite book boyfriend material.

Phaedra's been in and out of the series since a few books back. She's not a Breedmate (mortal females with unique DNA properties that allow them to have children with the vampire Breed who have until recently always been male), she's an Atlantean. Without delving into the connection between Atlanteans, Ancients, Breed, and Breedmates because that would take a while, I will say Phaedra stands out among the other Atlanteans that have been introduced in the second half of the series. She is a caretaker, without the cocky arrogance of fellow Atlanteans Zael and Tamasia. Phaedra has spent an exceptionally long time opening up her home to abused women and children and using her Atlantean gifts to protect them. She was a stark contrast to Micah and at first glance, I did not think these two made a good match. I liked her but since there was not much on her as a character, I didn't know what to think of her. Plus, the Fated Mates trope is not really a favorite of mine.

The chemistry between Phaedra and Micah was purely physical in the beginning but circumstances kept these two in each other's spaces long enough for a believable connection to form between them. I started to see why the author paired them up and soon enough I was totally shipping these two. There was plenty of heat but by the end, there was also a lot of heart in their relationship, and the fact that these two were “fated” was not tossed around all the time. As a couple, they were allowed time to build something real between them without it feeling forced though at times the relationship did feel rushed.

Of course, Fall of Night would not be a Breed novel if it wasn't part of a bigger story with plenty of revelations and action scenes. This series has been planned to near perfection and each book has been executed with the same amount of dedication, respect, and love as the one that came before. Everything that's happened since the first book began has led to the events of this book and I completely lost myself in the way Lara Adrian has built her Breed universe and how she managed to yet again provide scenes that allow readers to "check-in" with their favorite couples. The only downside about reading this book is that I have since found out that the next book will be the last book in the series. All good things must come to an end I suppose. But for now, I am going to savor the good mood that Fall of Night has put me in. Technically you can read each book as a standalone, but you will miss some details if you do not start at the beginning and it really is a wild ride up to this point.

Rating: 4

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LARA ADRIAN is a New York Times and #1 international bestselling author with nearly 4 million books in print and digital worldwide and translations licensed in more than 20 countries. Her upcoming release is FOR 100 REASONS, the third book in a contemporary romance series that reviewers are calling "phenomenal" and "one of the hottest series of the year." Learn more about the author and her books at

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  1. I’m a bit behind on this series. At first I thought I was only one behind but I might be two behind. I do know that when I found out that the next book would be the last I was surprised. I really enjoy this series. My only complaint is that the 2nd gen books seem to be happening so quickly as far as the timeline goes. In the older books there was always a few weeks or months between the books now it’s a few days. It’s like everyone found their mates within three months.