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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Book Review: The Council (Darkness Series Book 5) by K.F. Breene

The Council (Darkness Series Book 5)
by K.F. Breene
October 30, 2014
Pages: 212
With Sasha as the proclaimed Mage of high ranking power, she can't just slip under the carpet to a peaceful existence. Instead, she must present herself to the Council, a group of white mages who reside over the magical community, governing Stefan's people. There she must prove she has what it takes to be the mage of Stefan's clan, not something easily done.

Stefan, too, has been noticed by the large faction of rulers. An alpha leader with a firm hold over his people, he has outgrown in his position, and it shows. Ties to a human mage with a vast well of power, though, has made him a target. Sasha is sought after, and those who want to harness her power will take her by force if necessary.

With Dominicous' and Toa's help, Sasha and Stefan must face the trials coming up. Proving themselves is the easy part. Getting out with their lives becomes the challenge.

As much as Sasha has accepted her title of Mage she would just like to hide but instead, she must present herself to the Council. The Council is made up of white mages who rule over the magical community including Stefan’s clan. She must prove that she has the skill and power to be the mage of his clan which will be no easy feat. Stefan and his close circle of people have concerns about the visit to the Council since Sasha will be sought after by many because of her power as a black mage which is rare. The people on the Council are not known for playing by the actual rules and Sasha is as nervous as Stefan is about the upcoming trip.

Sasha, as a human has a unique look on others that Stefan and his people do not which is that many different types of people; humans, witches, shifters, etc. can work together to fight against the evil that keeps rearing its ugly head. This outlook may affect Sasha’s ability to be accepted by Stefan’s clan, but she never lets it ruin her love for Stefan. The strong connection that Fate has woven between Stefan and Sasha is stronger than ever in book 5 of Breene’s Darkness series.

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About the Author:
K.F. Breene is a USA Today Bestselling and Top 10 Kindle All-Star author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and fantasy novels. With two million books sold, when she's not penning stories about magic and what goes bump in the night, she's sipping wine and planning shenanigans. She lives in Northern California with her husband, two children and out of work treadmill.

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