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Thursday, May 27, 2021

KICKSTARTER: Winning Streak: Tales and Trivia of the 40 Most Popular Board Games

If you enjoy trivia and board games, then this book is for you! We're also launching a Kickstarter for Winning Streak today, so have a look!

Winning Streak: Tales and Trivia of the 40 Most Popular Board Games
by John-Michael Gariepy 
Expected Publication Date: Coming Soon!
Genre: Games/ Trivia/ Non-Fiction
Did you ever wonder:

♞ What makes Clue the best movie based on a game franchise?
♝ What does the doubling cube in backgammon do?
♜ How trains are even supposed to operate in Ticket to Ride: Antarctica?
♛ How the designer of the board game Pandemic feels now that he’s lived through an actual global pandemic?
♚ Whatever happened to the Monopoly game show from the 90s?

Based on Ranker’s poll of almost 400,000 votes, these games define us. From multiple-award winning masterpieces of the past decade, to indestructible classics still going strong after 5,000 years of play, these are the games you must play before you die. Well, except for Sorry!. That game is a blight upon this list and mankind as a whole.

Excuse me. What I’m trying to say is that I wrote this book about games, and I thought you might like it
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About the Author

Over the past decade, John-Michael Gariepy played and reviewed over four hundred board games for three podcasts. He produces the movie/media conversation show, Popcorn Roulette, edited Stephen Albair’s jewelry and tableau photography art book/memoir called Spectacles, and directs and produces the medical audio drama Say Hello to Black Jack. He has a wide range of interests, a tremendous love of learning, and a goofy sense of humor.

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