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Friday, May 28, 2021

Thriller Author Bradley Carter: Fun Facts about the Bodhi Crocodile Series + giveaway

Fun Facts about the Bodhi Crocodile Series

🐊 There's a chapter titled, "Son of a Business Man," and it's the first time we meet the character, Alvie. In a later chapter, Alvie is browsing a collection of vinyl records. One of them is an album by Dusty Springfield who wrote and performed the song, "Son of a Preacher Man." In the same scene, Alvie plays a single by Bobby Darin but the song is not named. However, the song is right there in the title of the chapter: "Mack the Knife." Alvie also has a philosophy about the moon, and he first mentions this in a bar. The song playing on the jukebox is Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon."

🐊 As comic relief, there's a chapter when Bodhi and Alvie stop by a bar. The author, Bradley Carter, is written in as the bartender. The book's editors, Justin Bridges and Jennifer Fall, are written in as patrons.

🐊 Though her name isn't mentioned, one of the police officers is the character, Liz Williams, from "Son of a Bitch." Another is Avery, who has appeared as a character in every other book.

🐊 This is the first book not edited by the author's friend, Jaime Thorn, and it's referenced in the chapter when Freddy Gordon's collection of encyclopedias is missing the volume for J.

🐊 AUTHOR TRADEMARK: Alvie Gordon's office is located on the third floor of a building. Any scene taking place in previous books on an upper floor of a building, happens on the third. Felix Hines worked on the third floor in "Brightside." Miranda Neal's room is on the third floor of the hospital in "Red Flags." Craze has his own on the third floor in "Valiant."

🐊 Bodhi's handgun is a 9mm Taurus 1911.

🐊 Freddy Gordon is loosely based on the late actor Hume Cronyn.

🐊 Alvie is an anagram for the word “Alive.”

🐊 Part 2 contains 50 chapters. The first one written was chapter 45, titled: “Lights. Camera. Action!” In this chapter, there’s a song by Norman Greenbaum that is mentioned. The lyrics contain clues to the end of Part 3 and the outcome of the entire trilogy.

🐊 Part 2 was released on April 8th, the author’s birthday.

🐊 Tony, the rideshare driver, is the main character of the short story, “Ride Share,” also written by the author, and is loosely based on actor Tony Goldwyn.

🐊 Though the city is never mentioned, a few characters from the author's previous books appear, thus placing the story in the same universe.

🐊 Originally, Enzo's last name was Gianni but later changed to DiGiovanni as a nod to the original founders of the Kansas City Mafia.

🐊 Yeshua is based on a real person the author discovered at a restaurant. His physical description and features are identical, including related details such as the pink ‘Bitchmobile’ decal on the rear window of a brown van and fashionable combat boots. He’s six-feet-plus in height, which makes him the perfect villain to confront Bodhi.

🐊 Sharli’s character was originally a boy named Charlie. She explains this change when she first meets Bodhi.

🐊 Bodhi wears a wristwatch set six hours off from the correct time. The purpose is left unexplained in the second book, but the time difference serves as a reference to the six people who go missing throughout the story. Bodhi crushes the watch by stepping on it, but it’s not forgotten in Part 3.

🐊 Part 2: The Button is the author’s eighth novel. The preceding books are referenced throughout, as well as unfinished projects the sequel bumped aside.
-Red Flags - One of the six missing persons is a software engineer student.

-Craze - A red cardinal bird lands on Willian’s tombstone and interacts with Bodhi.

-Valiant - Detective Spencer mentions Cherish’s twin sister was murdered.

-Brightside - The commercial airing on television is for the A.G. Loan Company.

-Slumberland - Channel 8 News. Sierra Preston is the anchor.

-Son of a Bitch - Wally Redmond mumbles, “Son of a bitch.”

-In This Room - Alvie is distracted by a busty blonde (Addelyn Delacroix) passing by the window and heading to the hair salon.

🐊 Music plays an important role throughout the novel. Even though the titles are not named, they serve as either foreshadowing or clues to the plot’s outcome. You can access the playlist by searching for ‘Bodhi Crocodile’ on Youtube.

Bodhi Crocodile (Bodhi Crocodile Part 1)
by Bradley Carter
July 1, 2020
Genre: Heart-warming, tear-jerking, spine-chilling thriller
A crazed psychopath menaces a six-foot-three gentle mute man whose simple, childlike grace compels the best from four strangers who unite to protect him. Bodhi Crocodile shakes, then restores, your faith in humanity. The price? A few tears.

Bodhi is a six-foot-three mute with a child-like persona who carries with him his new companion—a plush toy crocodile.
Searching the streets for pieces of the sheltered life he knew of yesterday, he wanders into the real world, a dangerous place of loss and heartache. When the dark secrets of his newfound friends are exposed, he finds himself caught in the cross-fire and soon, hiding out from a murderous psychopath who controls the city’s underground. To protect himself, this grown man, who can’t tie his own shoes, will need to learn the ways of becoming a killer. Throughout his journey, Bodhi’s lesson serves as a reminder to us all of what it was once like to be innocent.

From Bradley Carter, the author of Red Flags, Craze, Valiant, Brightside, Slumberland, and Son of a Bitch, comes a thrilling story that will chill your spine and warm your heart.

Book Trailer:

The Button (Bodhi Crocodile Part 2)

Book Trailer:

Divinity (Bodhi Crocodile Part 3)

About the Author

Bradley Carter is an award-winning author of twisted thrillers and dark comedy. Born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, he now lives in Indianapolis and has been writing novels since 2018.

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  1. From reading his books you would think he identifies with the good characters in his stories. There is a side of him you don’t know till he tries to proposition a just turned 18 year old victim of sex abuse to let him film her in a fetish video for money.