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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Book Review: The Devil and the Heiress (The Gilded Age Heiresses #2) by Harper St. George

The Devil and the Heiress (The Gilded Age Heiresses #2)
by Harper St. George
June 29, 2021
Book 2 of 3: The Gilded Age Heiresses
Genre: Scottish historical romance
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Berkley 
Sparks fly when a runaway heiress bargains with a devilish rogue to escape a marriage of convenience.

No one would guess that beneath Violet Crenshaw's ladylike demeanor lies the heart of a rebel. American heiresses looking to secure English lords must be on their best behavior, but Violet has other plans. She intends to flee London and the marriage her parents have arranged to become a published author--if only the wickedly handsome earl who inspired her most outrageously sinful character didn't insist on coming with her.

Christian Halston, Earl of Leigh, has a scheme of his own: escort the surprisingly spirited dollar princess north and use every delicious moment in close quarters to convince Violet to marry him. Christian needs an heiress to rebuild his Scottish estate but the more time he spends with Violet, the more he realizes what he really needs is her--by his side, near his heart, in his bed.

Though Christian's burning glances offer unholy temptation, Violet has no intention of surrendering herself or her newfound freedom in a permanent deal with the devil. It's going to take more than pretty words to prove this fortune hunter's love is true....

Nouveau riche Americans, the Crenshaw family, have taken temporary residence in London. Like many families in their position, the Crenshaws seek to solidify their position among the upper echelon of society. Without titles, however, their social position remains begrudgingly but politely tolerated by the long-established elite. As luck would have it, the Crenshaws have daughters -- highly desirable daughters of a marriageable age. Marriage to a titled gentleman would open doors for the Crenshaws in both business and society. There’s only one problem. The Crenshaw daughters aren’t exactly willing brides. They’re smart and independent and unwilling to be led like lambs to the slaughter without a fight.

The Devil and the Heiress is the delicious follow-up to book one, The Heiress Gets a Duke. August Crenshaw has left London with her suitor Evan Sterling, Duke of Rothschild. Still in London, younger sister Violet Crenshaw spends her days writing while eschewing the matrimonial machinations of her parents. Violet is determined to become a published author. She does not wish to marry for her family’s benefit. At least not now.

Christian Halston, Early of Leigh is a rake with a truly sinful reputation. Violet is both intrigued and repelled by the dark and handsome Leigh, he’s the inspiration for Violet’s fictional character, Lord Lucifer after all. Leigh is devious and calculating and has his sights firmly set on Violet. When Violet is backed into a corner, Leigh is only too eager to set a dastardly plan in place. The earl offers Violet an escape, promising to safely deliver from her parents and would-be husband to a remote writing retreat. Only Leigh has no intention of letting Violet go.

And so connection is born in a carriage. Delightfully agonizing days pass while Violet and Christian become inextricably entwined. The romantic tension is truly intoxicating. While Christian is devious, he’s ultimately redeemable. He’s confident and assured and never intimidated by a woman’s intelligence or need for independence. His position on the outskirts of polite society makes him the perfect partner for a headstrong, woman with ideas and aspirations.

I adore this series. St. George masterfully builds addictive angsty tension. Her characters are appropriately contemporary in a period setting, making them relatable and relevant. I cannot wait for the next installment.

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Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
Harper St. George was raised in the rural backwoods of Alabama and along the tranquil coast of northwest Florida. It was a setting filled with stories of the old days that instilled in her a love of history, romance, and adventure. By high school, she had discovered the historical romance novel, which combined all of those elements into one perfect package. She has been hooked ever since.

She lives in the Atlanta area with her family. She would love to hear from you. Please visit her website at and connect with her on Facebook at

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