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Friday, June 18, 2021

Interview: Fantasy Author Stevie Rae Causey (Persephone Plus) + giveaway

Tell us about Persephone Plus
Persephone plus is a modern retelling of a Greek Myth that a lot of people don’t know about: Persephone’s fight with Aphrodite over the mortal Adonis.

In this short story, both Goddesses have been banished by Zeus to modern-day academia and given a year to negotiate their mediation.

We join Persephone at the end of her journey and get to see her dynamics with both her husband, Hades, and her partner, Adonis. It's an engrossing tale with a happily ever after for those who just want to read and run, but readers who find themselves wanting more of Persephone’s world can look forward to the release of Persephone Plus: Seasons of Change on Kindle Vella this summer.

What was edited out of Persephone Plus?
There are SO many backstories in Persephone Plus that didn’t end up in the final draft. I wrote it as part of a submission for another project but ended up cutting so many of my desired subplots due to length, that it was almost impossible not to turn it into a full-blown serial.

My favorite non-spoiler that was cut from this story was the fact that Hades had his mortal father sent to the Underworld a little ahead of schedule in order to gain more freedom during his time in the modern world.

Did you know?
I write other stories about magic, misfits, and villains you can fall in love with!

Mother to the child who will doom a kingdom... Or save it.

Adelaide didn’t mean to doom an entire kingdom when she cut the queen’s lifeline to save the newborn prince. Now the banished Narn is determined to prove herself, even if that means playing with fate...just a little.

But all magic has a price, and the spell meant to bring her a human child instead brings her one sired by one of the Huldrefolk.

Adelaide can’t help but fall in love with the half-fae child that reminds her of her home, but when the Goddess Holda shows up with a warning Adelaide must choose between saving herself and protecting her son from the fairy folk.

Life was much easier when she was able to see ahead.

The Amasai Rising Series
Running isn’t new to Azlana. She ran from the harsh words of the kids back home. She ran from certain death when she fled the human city.

So, it only makes sense to run again.

That’s what The Amasai whispers to her when she’s swept away to a hidden school for elven royalty where she is the only pupil. And that isn’t all this new voice brings. Images of death fill her dreams until she can't tell where her thoughts end and The Darkness begins.

She has to run to save everyone she loves.

But if she runs, she dooms them to a war that may never end.

If she doesn’t assume the throne and unite elves and man, war will end magic forever.

But if she stays, the Darkness may overcome all.

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Persephone Plus: A Romantic Mythological Retelling

by Stevie Rae Causey
May 11, 2021
67 pages
Genre: LGBTQ Romantic Fantasy Retelling
After a year of banishment in the modern world Persephone must convince Olympus that love comes in many forms.

Persephone and Aphrodite must settle an old rivalry regarding their shared lover, or forfeit them to the mortal realm forever in this LGBTQ+ Romantic Fantasy with a HEA.

As their time runs out and the Goddess of Love shows no sign of wavering, it is up to Persephone to find a way to save the mortal she loves, without hurting the Immortal she married.

If you like old myths with modern twists and complicated romance, you'll love ♥Persephone Plus♥.
**Only .99 cents!!**

About the Author
I write MG and YA Epic Fantasy that explore real-life themes. I believe that fantasy and fiction create a safe space for young people to explore the ins and outs of the world we live in and I aim to write the kind of stuff that entertains as well as fosters introspection.

When I'm not writing or speaking to teens, I'm usually chasing my kids, going on wilderness adventures, and posting pictures of my pets on Instagram.

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