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Friday, June 25, 2021

Funky Werepigs and Sheep!

Gregory Hall (comedian/radio show host/author/unicorn eater, AKA The Funky Werepig) and I met online about a decade ago!

He recently moved his Funky Werepig show to Youtube and invited me to have lunch with him (via Zoom) to shoot the s*** and talk books.

If you care to watch, we spent about 20 minutes being silly. And I spent most of it nervously eating! Then the last 5 minutes of the show I do a quick three-book review!

About the author:
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Gregory L Hall has a long history in comedy and theatre. He is a national Telly Award winner and creator of the Baltimore Comedy Fest as well as dozens of original works for stage and video/film. His biggest claim to fame during these years is that he was once hugged by Pat Morita, Mr. Mijagi of The Karate Kid. We should pause an extra moment to realize just how awesome that is.

As a writer, his stories have appeared in numerous publications including Shroud, Alien Skin, and Necrotic Tissue as well as anthologies such as OLD SCHOOL, DEATH BE NOT PROUD and CHRISTMAS IN HELL.

His novel 'AT THE END OF CHURCH STREET' has received great critical acclaim, sales that have led him to purchase many Happy Meals, and has changed how tourists view Orlando. Stoker Award-winning author Joe McKinney said of the goth thriller "This is the kind of debut authors dream of..."

Gregory is also the host/producer of the popular live radio show The Funky Werepig. You can join fellow piggie petters every Friday night on the TMV Cafe.

His short story collection WEREPIG FEVER gives high fives and disco hip bumps to decades worth of comedy, horror, suspense and even romance work, including his underground cult favorite 'Dracula's Winkee'. The foreword was written by the great author Andersen Prunty, who may or may not have been held at gunpoint.

Gregory continues to be on his best behavior so that his wife and children do not vote to lock him out of the house. The weekly re-evaluations occur every Monday so check back often.

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