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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Cover Reveal: The Mark of a King (Natura Elementals #3) by Sloane Calder

The Mark of a King (
Natura Elementals #3)

by Sloane Calder
Release Date: June 14, 2021
Genre: paranormal romance, vampires
Magic always comes at a price…even for the Natura…

Being marked as the true bearer of the Fire element and the King of Blood isn’t enough to keep Lach Lennox from dying. Becoming a vampire can save him. But his potential sire wants something in return—her daughter’s freedom and guaranteed safety…until death do they part.

Rose Barclay has been entombed for so long she barely remembers what freedom felt like. So, now that she’s out, she’s not entirely sure what to do. Her mother would see her bound for all eternity to her royal rescuer. But no matter how attractive that option (and man) might be, Rose can’t help but wonder if she’d just be trading one prison for another.

Lach and Rose soon realize their purposes—and hearts—aren’t as far apart as they originally thought. But when Lach is forced to choose between love and duty to his people, he must face that his decision will not only doom him to an eternity of loneliness, but he’ll condemn Rose to the same fate...

About the Author

Sloane Calder has been an accountant for transformers (not the cool kind), paint ovens, and lingerie before becoming a marketer for baked goods, mincemeat, soft drinks, and fertilizer.

An avid reader all her life, she still thinks there’s no better escape than a good book, especially if hot heroes and superpowers are involved.

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