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Monday, March 21, 2022

Characters and map of Tulare Island from C. Vonzale Lewis' Blood and Sacrifice Chronicles + giveaway

Character cards and map of Tulare Island from C. Vonzale Lewis' Blood and Sacrifice Chronicles.

Zealot (Blood and Sacrifice Chronicles, #2)
by C. Vonzale Lewis
Published by: Parliament House
Publication date: March 22nd 2022
Genres: Adult, Fantasy
Nicole Fontane thought her demons were buried deep enough. She was wrong.

After barely escaping the blood bath of the Harvest ritual, Nicole and her vigilante compatriots learn that there are others practicing blood magick on Tulare Island.

Hired to rid the island of the remaining blood magick users, Nicole and her allies come face to face with The Better Day Church and the mysterious Young Family, whose nefarious behavior is well known on the island. The murky organization stirs old memories of a cult buried deep in the Louisiana bayou—flickers of Nicole’s traumatic past and the altar she barely escaped.

But when Nicole receives an invitation to the Young family’s private residence to attend a secret meeting with The Daughters of the Vine—an elusive sect of women led by Gavina Young—she knows there is no escaping her fraught history with cults.

The invite is clearly a trap, but it’s also an opportunity to take down the church. Nicole soon learns that the sickness lurking behind the walls of the Young family’s manor runs far deeper than the banal allure of blood magick. The church’s matriarch harbors a predatory interest in Nicole’s power—barely disguising her desire to harness it.

Nicole must unravel the mysteries of her newfound abilities, or her first job may be her last. Worst of all, she may end up on the altar again.
Review Quotes:
“For those who read Lineage, be prepared for Zealot’s wild ride…The twists were great, the writing fabulous…It’s a sequel not to be missed!”
– Candace Robinson, Best Selling Author of the Faeries from Oz series. 

“Ms. Lewis kept us on a fast track with everything that was happening.” 
--Rita Smith, Goodreads Reviewer

“Could. NOT. Put. It. DOWN!!!” 
–Kelli Lea, Goodreads Reviewer

“This story is full of exciting twists, turns and mystery sure to suck in many avid readers.” 
–Elizabeth Chapson, Goodreads reviewer

“A definite must read.”
 –Thomas Lake, Goodreads reviewer

“I love this series.” 
–Shell Moore, Goodreads reviewer

"Lacing magic and demons, the author takes us on a freefall ride of terror and violence as Nicole and her friends take on the monsters that hide and feed on the innocent." 
- Dave Wickenden, Author of Homegrown

Book 1

About the Author:
My name is Carla Vonzale Lewis and I like my martinis shaken… never stirred.

Carla was born in Georgia, but please don’t mistake her for a Georgia peach. She’s more like a prickly pear. Speaking of being born, someone asked her recently if she remembered her birth. And she had to say, “Yes, I do remember that handsy doctor pulling me out into the cold. Right Bastard!!!”

Despite being born in the South, she grew up in California. Every once in a great while she gets to experience all four seasons. But mostly, it’s just heat.

When not writing, Carla enjoys reading, binge watching shows on Netflix, and trying to convince her husband that getting a dog is a wonderful idea.

And one day, she will discover how many licks it actually takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

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