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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Comic Review: Rogue Sun #1 from Image Comics

Rogue Sun #1
Written by Ryan Parrott
Art by ABEL, Chris O'Halloran
Cover by Declan Shalvey
Genres: Action/Adventure, supernatural murder mystery 
March 2, 2022
Age Rating: 15+
Yesterday: New Orleans’ greatest hero, ROGUE SUN, was murdered.

Today: rebellious teenager DYLAN SIEGEL discovers that Rogue Sun was his estranged father, Marcus—and that he’s inherited his father’s mantle. Tasked with protecting our world from the forces of the supernatural—and solving his father’s murder—Dylan will be forced to come to terms with the man he’s spent the majority of his life hating.

From acclaimed writer RYAN PARROTT (Mighty Morphin, Power Rangers, Dead Day) and rising star artist ABEL (Harley Quinn, Crimes of Passion) comes A SUPERNATURAL MURDER MYSTERY that explores the complicated bond between father and son and cements itself squarely in a corner of the IMAGE COMICS SUPERHERO UNIVERSE!

Rogue Sun issue #1 is the start of an exciting new superhero series. Dylan's dad left him and his mom when he was very young. Dad went on to remarry and start a new family and they are wealthy. Meanwhile Dylan and his mom are getting by. Dylan is in high school and a bit of a pain-in-the-a$$. He also hates his father. His father "dies" and at the reading of the will, he leaves his superhero legacy, Rogue Sun, powers to Dylan...much to the displeasure of his other two kids. Dylan had no idea his dad was Rogue Sun. He has the suit, but there was no instruction manual and he has to figure things out the hard way (is there any other way?).

I am looking forward to reading this series. The last page drops a big bomb on Dylan and the reader. The artwork is bold and bright with great action scenes.

4 "Rogue" Sheep


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