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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Celia’s Comic Review: The Me You Love in the Dark TP – Romancing the Muse…

The Me You Love in the Dark TP
March 2, 2022
Author: Skottie Young
Art: Jorge Corona
Colors: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Lettering: Nate Piekos
Publisher: Image Comics
Genre: Horror
Rating: M
An artist named Ro retreats from the grind of the city to an old house in a small town to find solace and inspiration without realizing the muse within is not what she expected… Collects THE ME YOU LOVE IN THE DARK #1-5.

Shortly after I reviewed the first comic in this series, the TP landed in my inbox, and I immediately sank back into the spooky story. What a pleasant surprise to learn the dark entity isn’t a “ghost” but rather some sort of ancient dark entity who takes on the role of muse for our artist. But he’s not simply there to assist her with creativity and inspiration. The mysterious, multi-eyed, toothy, and vaguely humanoid creature befriends our lonely heroine, and soon they embark on an intimate relationship. Yes, you read correctly: romance!

Love may be in the air in the darkened home, brightened only by candlelight, but this is a horror story, so be prepared for it all to go horribly, wonderfully wrong. As in the first issue, we’re treated to some standard, tasty, horror story beats along with some good, graphic visuals.

In short: a satisfying, fun read.

4 Sheep

Guest Reviewer: Author Celia Breslin
Celia writes urban fantasy and romance and likes to spend tons of time reading comics, binge-watching fantasy/sci-fi TV and movies, and playing video and board games with her family.

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