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Monday, August 22, 2022

Book Review: Invitation to Hell (Goddess of Death #1) by Amber Bunch + giveaway

Welcome to the book tour for dark fantasy, romance Invitation to Hell by Amber Bunch. This is the first book in the Goddess of Death series. Read on for more info and a chance to win a book box filled with a signed hardcover edition and a whole bunch of other goodies!

Invitation to Hell (Goddess of Death #1)
by Amber Bunch
Releasing: September 22, 2022 (First Edition)
Genre: Dark Romance/ Dark Fantasy/ Mythology
What if, all you've ever known was ripped away from you...

You were thrown into a world full of the same creatures that have haunted your nightmares for years. Magic, and the Gods are no longer a myth, but a part of your destiny.

Now, you're about to lose everything and everyone you love to an evil King known as the Devourer of Souls.

Then, there's Hades son...

The ruthless Prince that drives you crazy and thinks you are a waste of his time.

You can't stand him, but he has been instructed to protect you, so now you have to deal with his arrogance on top of everything else.

The two of you must travel across the Realms to find a way to stop King Lucius before all is lost and you still don't even know how to use your newly awakened power.

Well, this should be fun.

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I was very intrigued by the Title and the cover of this book. I always like to try authors I haven’t read yet so this seemed right up my alley.

I sensed a mishmash of more than a few other books(storylines) I have read over the previous years. This book has about everything included, from a snarky heroine to a little porn. I did stick it out till the end but did speed read through some of the parts.

I struggled with the main character Kali and her resulting love interest Asmo. I tend to sneer at characters that at one minute will be confident, powerful, and snarky then insecure, pouting and wish-washy. Perhaps I misunderstood and it was all a part of an S&M theme but I didn’t read it that way.

I thought the writing was good but the storyline was a little disjointed and predictable. This is a new author for me and I am sure there is an audience and a future here with a little more organization and flow to the stories. Perhaps I should give the 2nd book a try but at this point, I feel this story series is just not for me.

Getting 3 “overloaded” sheep.

Jeanie G

My life has been full of lies and betrayal.

I just found out that Magic, Demons, Gods... It's all real.

Now, an Evil King wants to harness my powers for his own. And if he does, he'll bring ruin to all six realms.

The best part of it... I'm destined to save us all.

But how can I fight an evil that I've never even seen? Because no matter what I do, he always seems to be one step ahead of me.

To add to the shock of a lifetime, Prince of the Underworld, Asmodeus has been sent to train and protect me.

So far, the only thing he's good at is driving me insane.

I'm not sure if I want to throat punch him or kiss him.

Maybe both....

But he's my only chance at learning how to control my newly awakened power, save my family, and stop Lucius's plans before it's too late.

I just hope the prophecy is right. And being the "Destined one" is enough.

Because if it's wrong... I've doomed us all.

About the Author

Amber is an author of spicy romance with a twist…
She isn’t committed to any one genre. She lives in Ohio with her family and her dog. She enjoys the outdoors, reading, playing guitar, and loves to stay active. She is a mother of three and her family is her biggest support group. She has also written a children’s book series that was inspired by her children and their play adventures together.

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