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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Comic Review: Judas Complex (2022) from Dauntless Stories

Campy 90s horror comic about vampires and werewolves and mad scientists and football

Judas Complex
Creator: Son M. (Animalheads on Tapas, Harper Collins “Thief of the Heights”)
Artwork: Dri Gomez
Letters: Toben Racicot
Release: late August 2022
Genre: queer horror fantasy mystery
Pages: 77 vel. 
It was a massacre.
In the 19902, a college football team, the Red Wolves, suddenly went mad during a packed game, slaughtering the competition and innocent bystanders alike. No one knows what truly happened that night.

No one except the long survivor: Desmond.

A handful of years later, Desmond finds himself working as a temp for a private investigator. The man, Constantine, seems a little strange--covering up in the summer heat, always drinking out of a canister, never makes eye contact--but nice overall. 

He's settled in, moving on from his traumatic past and never looking back. Only, people have started going missing. And bodies, torn apart, are floating to the surface. The same pattern to what happened all those years ago. Except now, with Constantine at his side, he has a chance to stop it.

This is a mature audience's title.

Me, when I first heard about and saw the artwork for Judas Complex on Son M.'s Twitter in Oct 2021. I pre-ordered it then and just got my digital copy. The print copy is coming soon.

[Sexy] Vampires
[Sexy] Werewolves
Mad scientist
Graphic novel
Look at all my boxes it checks! I'm not a fan of football...but I am a fan of men in football pants...just saying. And even if the two main protags weren't sexy (which they are), I still would have been all over this story. I don't know if they will be a romance between Constantine and Desmond, there is a fondness between them, but it isn't touched on in this issue, but a girl can hope...
Was it worth the wait? Oh, yeah. I've read Son M.'s webcomic on Tapas, Animalheads. And she is an excellent storyteller. So I had no doubt this would be too.

The artwork is amazing. The colors, panel composition, and layouts set the mood. And all those werewolves' action scenes...RAWR! The backstory is woven into the current plotline flawlessly. There were no info dumps or long narration. Just a few panels strategically dropped here and there. They never use the word vampire, but we know Constantine is one. It might seem like a small thing, but I'm a big fan of show not tell. I love that they gave a 77-page first issue. It kick-starts the story and gets the reader invested. Well worth the money. I'm all in with the Judas Complex.

Check out this awesome artwork!
You can see large, full-page preview HERE

5 "Pick the green pill" Sheep


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