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Friday, August 5, 2022

How to make a comic book costume. No sewing involved!

Do you want to make comic book clothes?
It's actually pretty easy, just time-consuming. I have no clothes-making skills. There is no sewing involved. It is all glue and tape!

This dress is called Wednesday. If you know why you get bonus points! Next time I'll have a name tag that says 

My Name is... Wednesday.

Here is the finished dress. It is two pieces, a top, and a skirt.

Basic Supplies:
1. comics books
2. bed sheet or cloth of any type
3. Spray adhesive
4. Packing tape
5. colored duct tape
6. scissors, possibly a drill

Here is my office right before I started putting things together. I spent a long time picking the comic pages and panels I wanted. Using a whole page (like covers) takes up a lot of room and makes it easier to fill the space. I also found cool things to cut out in detail or cool panels to fill in between the large pages.

I found a circle skirt pattern online. It is the simplest skirt to make. It would be really cute as a short skirt but I decided to be more modest.
Use the spray adhesive (I used Gorilla glue) to glue down the comic collage. Do a small section.
Then use the packing tape to cover what you've done. Move to the next section. 

Once you finish the skirt, you want to seal all the edges with duct tape. I used black, but white would look cool too. The skirt will wrap around you. I used duct tape and packing tape to hold it closed.
When you first put it on it won't hang right because it's stiff. I had to accordion fold it and squish it to make it hang correctly.

The top was just guesswork. It was easiest to make it sleeveless. I  cut the bed sheet to fit around under my arms. Then did the comic pages plus packing tape. I had a rectangular piece of "material" to work with.

You need a way to keep it on and not look like a barrel. I decided to do a corset style. It lets you make it fitted.
After a lot of measuring on myself, I got it the right size and lined all the edges with duct tape. I reinforced the edges for the corset string (shoe laces).
I used a drill to make the holes.
I wore a black cami top under it.

I needed a few accessories. I got a cheap cloth bag and gave it the same treatment as the dress. It made a cute bag to carry my things. You will need to bring your duct tape and packing tape with you in case something needs a touch-up or the skirt starts to fall off!

I bought some cheap deck shoes from Walmart. I thought about doing the packing tape method to decorate but didn't think it would hold up as well. So I bought some kids' party plates that had the POW design and cut out the design. Then stapled them to the shoes! 

Last minute I thought it would be fun to have a thought bubble I carried with something funny on it. I wanted to use a dry erase material for it so I could change it up, but that didn't work out well so I went with poster board on a stick.

Finished look for Animazement.

After wearing it one time, it needed some touch-ups before I could use it again for GalaxyCon. Make sure you overlap the duct tape because it will start to split down the seams. 
After wearing it twice I might have to retire this one. It was a prototype.

I have some cool ideas for other themes of dresses like this :) Stay tuned!