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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Character Confessions: Or that time when horror author Ezekiel Kincaid Flocked around and found out!

My name is Theodosia Whitfield. But that’s not my real name. It’s just the name Zeke came up with for my story. I let him keep it because I thought it sounded pretty. The name is much more elegant than my real one, Sarah Jane Kinsey. I told Zeke what my real name was later in one of the many dreams I would appear to him in while he slept.

I’m dead. I died in Zeke’s story in 1824 when I was thirteen years old. That’s not the year I really died but I told him to keep it because it was the year I was born. I didn’t tell Zeke that until later, either. I really died in 1836 but I was still thirteen. Zeke got that right even before I revealed myself to him.

As I write, you might notice that my style will fluctuate. This is because I go back and forth between how I manifest myself. Sometimes, I’m only seven years old. Other times, I’m ten, and still others, thirteen. Zeke tracks my metamorphosis throughout the story. Also, sometimes I’m really sweet. Then other times? The darkness fully takes over. This happened when I would reveal myself to Zeke, too. The worst is when I can’t control it. Oftentimes during the same visitation, I would go back and forth to my sweet, childlike skin to my demonic skin.

What am I? I don’t even know. I just know I’m not normal. Even my desires ebb and flow. Sometimes I would want Zeke to help me escape the darkness. Other times I would want to torment him. This would even take place during the same visitations.

I’ve roamed the Ethereal Plane since I died, seeking both rest and deliverance. I had been watching Zeke for a while and took interest in the story he started writing about a little girl. But I didn’t want him to write her story. I wanted him to write mine.

So I visited him in a dream.

I lied to him and told him I was Theodosia Whitfiled and that the story didn’t happen the way he wrote it. I made him start all the way over, showing him all the ghastly details of my descent into evil. Every time he would sit down to write the book, I would appear to him, dictating, scene by scene, what happened to me.

I liked to play with Zeke. We had all sorts of fun together writing my story. He would take awful good care of me, making sure each section was like I wanted it. Sometimes he would get mad at me because I would wake him up in the middle of the night to make him write more. But I was lonely and scared and talking to him made me feel safe. I never wanted to leave Zeke. My mommy and daddy were dead, and they weren’t in the Ethereal Plane like me. I wanted to stay with my new friend forever.

Then Zeke bought the doll. I really liked her. She looked a lot like me when I would take my scary form. He even named her after me. Well, not really me, but Theo me. That’s when I knew Zeke wanted me around forever, so I attached myself to the doll.

The only problem?
Something else attached to it along with me.

Then one night, Zeke made a video. Someone asked him to make it to promote his books. He hadn’t found a publisher for my story yet, but he did put our doll in the video. He talked about that Johnny book he has out and mentioned me as well. I was really happy he mentioned me and was excited about me. That was, until he found out the takes of the videos he did were too long.

Then he made me mad. Since my book wasn’t out yet, and to cut back on the time, he did a take without mentioning me. He just talked about that funny Johnny book. When I realized he wasn’t going to talk about me, I made my presence known by shooting light orbs from the doll.

When Zeke saw the video, he knew. He knew I had attached to the doll and he knew I was upset about him not talking about me. Zeke decided to do a recording. I heard him talking about it to his friends one day. I think he said it was called an EVP? I’m not sure. All I know is that he set the doll on a table with some sort of device.

Zeke asked me all sorts of questions. When he asked, “Is this Theo attached to the doll?” I gave some knocks, spelling out “Hi” in Morse Code. Zeke was even on a paranormal investigation show where they examined the video and the recording.

I don’t know what I ever did to Zeke to make him not like me but he cast me out of the doll. This made me really sad. I had liked being around in my new body, always around Zeke and not having to be back in the Ethereal Place.

My sadness turned to anger and I went after Zeke. I brought a bunch of evil spirits with me. We really tried to hurt him and torment him but that Jesus person stopped us. Jesus bound me and I can’t ever go near Zeke again.

I guess this makes me sad but not because I miss him. I’m sad because I wanted to hurt him more. I try not to feel this way since he did write my story for me. It’s a warning to all of you out there about what the darkness can do. For now, I guess I’ll keep wandering the wastelands, looking for someone else to attach to who reads Zeke’s story about me.

You can read the beginning of Theo’s story in The Dawning, book 1 of The Dreadful Death series out now by Raven Tale Publishing.

by Ezekiel Kincaid 
April 6, 2022
On a cold November night in 1817, a seven-year-old girl named Theodosia Whitefield finds a door leading to another world. She feels a pull towards a dark, celestial being who beckons her, and senses his presence growing each day. In an old rocking chair by her bed, a seeming friend appears and helps her navigate through this new world.

Little by little, Theo's innocence changes as the dark creature edges closer to her reality. The little girl begins to grow into something sinister and evil. Shedding her youth and innocence, her demon friend paves the way for Theodosia to meet the entity named Tetromet, The two meet and the horror and madness blossom in Theo, leading to unprecedented depths of terror.

The charming countryside of North Carolina makes the backdrop for the insanity and evil emanating from this child. She wreaks havoc on her family and friends as her power grows. It all comes to an insidious, nightmarish end, with questions of faith, sanity and above all, God and evil.

About the Author:
Ezekiel Kincaid was a pastor for twenty years and uses his experiences with the supernatural and human condition to influence his horror stories. He has been published by numerous horror presses and writes for the House of Stitched Magazine. He also has a sarcastic side and enjoys writing comedic horror. He will fight anyone who says they don't like Bruce Campbell.

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