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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Comic Review: Bloodshot Unleashed #1 from Valiant Comics

September 21, 2022
Writer: Deniz Camp
Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt
Cover Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt, Nicole Rifkin, Pete Woods, Gerardo Zaffino
Valiant Comics
Rating: M
Pages: 32
Dangerous super soldiers and bloodthirsty living weapons have mysteriously escaped into the world to wreak havoc across the dying towns and forgotten farms of America. Now, Bloodshot must take up arms again to travel across the country hunting down these violent monsters, battling his own demons, and defending the most defenseless. Deniz Camp (Agent of W.O.R.L.D.E.) and Jon Davis-Hunt (SHADOWMAN) join forces to unleash Valiant Entertainment’s first Mature Readers title that puts the BLOOD in BLOODSHOT.

Wow. Bloodshot the character has been around a long time and there have been many revamped storylines. But Valiant Comics has taken it in a new direction with a Mature rating. This is Valiant's first Mature comic. Bloodshot has been a Teen rated comic up until now.

The Mature rating lets the writers and artists explore a new side of Bloodshot. And this first issue has blown me away. It is an emotional gut punch and a triumph for the writers and artists.

The first scene (four pages) is an amazing story setup. Warning, the comic addresses suicide and military PTSD in a brutal fashion. Bloodshot is basically immortal. The nanites in his blood rebuild him almost instantly. This allows the writers to explore character situations they might not otherwise be able to.

Bloodshot Unleased #1 runs in two timelines. A THEN and NOW. You get Bloodshot doing what he does best...killing the bad guy is true action bad-assery fans are used to. But it switches between that and his broken human side and the effects war and life events have had on him.

Truly a storytelling masterpiece from start to finish!

5 "Fireworks in my head" Sheep


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