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Friday, September 23, 2022

Check out the psychological fantasy narrative poetry of Jazalyn

A supernatural paranormal romance poetic novel of mystical and spiritual time travel, epitome of confessional metaphysical and existential love that is seen in space opera.

Hollow: A Love Like A Life
by Jazalyn
Genre: Epic Poetry, Contemporary Poetry, Paranormal Ghost Romance
A ghost spirit of dark's universe falls in love with a ghost spirit of light's universe, and while They cannot meet, for They wander around separate realms and spacetimes, They live Their love through a secret and sacred interaction.

They are light years APART.
But there is INVISIBLE possession.
A precious NEED bridges the range.


A distant BOND is created.
Will they ever MEET for REAL?
And in what FORM?

A supernatural paranormal romance poetic novel of mystical and spiritual time travel, epitome of confessional metaphysical and existential love that is seen in space opera.

I prefer the dark
And often I cry
But is it so sad?

You prefer the light
And you smile
But are you happy?

Our eyes see
Different things
But our thoughts
Are aligned

And I’m wondering
Why I love you
When we can’t live
The same life

Author talks about her book
When one falls in love wants to live the feeling, but what happens if reality doesn't favor it? Can there be long-lasting and effective romance without possession and even without any previous introduction? In Jazalyn's supernatural paranormal fantasy romance "Hollow: A Love Like A Life", the lovers transform into ghosts, their love transcends the physical dimension and becomes spiritual in order to be experienced.

Jazalyn is a progressive author-poet of magical realism and surrealism. Her style is a new proposition for literature. Her main goal is the audience to relate, so she sacrifices her own self in first, second and third person expressions for the sake of art.

In "Hollow", the in-love ghost spirits talk to each other through an abyssal realm and who tells what to whom is left for the reader to identify which creates a mystery and a romantic suspense.

They use a secret language that only their soul can decode and they paradoxically gain sacred energy which provides them with strength and courage to live more sustainably.

The one ghost spirit belongs in light's universe and the other ghost spirit belongs in the dark's universe. The two absolute opposites. One of the two has to make the sacrifice to reach the other. But there's fear of the unknown. So they build their own medium which creates a silent romance.

The plot: "Two ghost spirits live their love despite being in different universes, in light’s and in dark’s, through secret language filling them sacred energy."

You fall in love with someone when you live something with them either directly or indirectly. So love is life. You are born from love. So life is love. In Jazalyn's "Hollow: A Love Like A Life" poetic novel, the love is like life and the life is like love. Because there are obstacles and unusual circumstances. The most important ones are location and way of life. But still somehow the feelings are preserved and defy the laws of nature.

Jazalyn aims to revolutionize poetry with a mixture with prose fiction and combined genres of literature. She has attracted enormous attention on social media where she shares evergreen verses from her sophisticated books and her riddling short stories.

A dark fantasy magical realism poetic novel that endures urban social issues and inequality, and challenges self esteem, self help, self improvement, self development, healing.

by Jazalyn 
A socially underprivileged rose witnesses unpleasant events and behaviors that threaten Her inner peace and is determined to set life and love aside in order to find Her true, pure and moral parts of character.

30 petals of MOOD and STATUS.

A society full of INJUSTICES and UNFAIRNESS.

A ROLE She doesn't want to play.

A PAST that leads to HATE.
A wishful CHANGE of HEART.
She AROSE and She ROSE.
A FUTURE that should lead to LOVE.

But can there be LOVE?

A dark fantasy magical realism poetic novel that endures urban social issues and inequality, and challenges self esteem, self help, self improvement, self development, healing.

I never knew how to have
I've learned to live without love
And I can't change all of a sudden
Something's got to happen

Author talks about her book
What would the flower rose say if it could speak? A rose that's suffering from bad treatment and observations tries to overcome a past of hate to become the heart that belongs in a future of love in Jazalyn's psychological urban fantasy, dark romance poetry novel "Rose: Future Heart" that urges for change, self-esteem, self-help, healing, self-improvement, self-love, self-compassion, self-development.

Jazalyn is a progressive author-poet of surrealism and magical realism. Her style is unique and surfaces the subconscious. Her expressions in first, second and third person are not necessarily her endorsements but an artistic style of audience relation.

A rose is a beautiful and popular flower associated with the feelings of love. It is famously gifted from partner to partner single or in a bouquet. Sometimes rose petals are used in romantic scenes. Jazalyn's poetic novel is a contrasting irony to this tradition. The protagonist becomes a rose whose petals are fighting negativity and the only way to reach positivity is isolation.

Instead of endorsing love the rose disapproves it to highlight its decay that renders useless and unnecessary loving moments that in a later time lead to misfortune. The star rose has been heartbroken from temporary romance that transforms into evil, and from social bullying. She wants to realize there is no truth and that she must avoid the trap of being fooled again not only in romance but also by all other traps of life. So she isolates herself from any kind of living to reconsider situations and find the self she wants to reflect.

The plot: "A mentally and physically tortured rose is trying through introversion to avoid society’s violence so as to retain her true, pure and moral character. The rare rose strives to turn a blurry past into a bright future".

Every change is difficult and needs a process and time. This book is the process. The past was what it was, but it is gone and doesn't help anyone to be reminded because if it's unpleasant it is inevitable to lead to hate something that only makes things worse. The future should not be hate. The future will not repeat the same mistakes. And ideally the future should be filled with love, but another kind of love not erotic love. A love that evolves everyone in the best directions and makes all dreams come true.

Gradually, the rose gets relieved from all the pain that enraged her and forced her to rave and takes the initiative to lead a new life that will wake her up towards a better quality of lifestyle. The rose realized that love is not real but a delusion, and rather than an ally to happiness it is actually an obstacle, so she refrains from answering love's calls in order to focus on what really matters in life, a path she could have followed sooner but missed due to an unavoidable backstreet influence from an unjust and unfair society. She lost valuable time in ignorance but now she wishes to find the courage to continue undisturbed in better routes.

Jazalyn combines poetry with prose to embrace contemporary and modern ways of literature. She has had success on social media with her poem excerpts and poetic short stories.
More details in her official website:

"Rose: Future Heart" is available in all big online book stores globally.

A post-apocalyptic techno thriller poetic novel that emulates psychological reactions of a serious medical and technological global emergency and provides philosophical insights on the world's best direction.

by Jazalyn 
Three robotic viruses are released from unknown forces and compete with each other exposing crimes, with humanity’s scale of existence oscillating between total destruction and reinventing recovery.


An AWAKENING for the HIDDEN reality.

A MADNESS pandemic.


Whose VIRUS is which?

Is it too late for reinstating?

The PANIC button pushed.

An attempt to erase the MEMORIES.

Can an EVIL virus SAVE the world?

A post-apocalyptic techno thriller poetic novel that emulates psychological reactions of a serious medical and technological global emergency and provides philosophical insights on the world's best direction.

It's unfair
To be guilty
When no one
Is innocent

Author talks about her book
Can there be viruses that cause madness or save the world instead of infecting traditionally? There can be. In Jazalyn's apocalyptic techno thriller poetry novel "vViIrRuUsS: I Never Forget" related with the genres: war fiction, historical fiction, psychological fantasy, survival fiction, medical thriller, crime fiction, philosophical fantasy, dystopia, science fiction.

Jazalyn is a controversially progressive surreal author-poet that communicates all the angles of a story without necessarily endorsing a single point of view and everything she mediates in the first, second or third person.

In her latest poetic novel "vViIrRuUsS", advanced robotic nanotechnology hacks people's bodies and makes them vulnerable revealing truths and lies which affects their psychological state. Everyone is in danger, but also everyone can be dangerous. A discovery exposes the one thing in common: they are all guilty.

People acquire a turbulent mental state and start accuse one another but not because they are truly hurt or care for the common good, it's fear someone else will rush to accuse themselves so they kind of try to beat any outcry against them. They don't see their own flaws but the others' flaws and condemn to feel better about themselves. To pass the message that they are against criminal acts so as no one to believe they are themselves criminals when someone else accuses them either with the truth or with deceit.

The plot: "Various viruses expose pasts, thoughts, memories, crimes, undisclosed secrets and the true reality, and cause madness. Who is guilty? Who is innocent?"

Jazalyn explores a world where there is no innocence or guilt which renders every conviction as unfairness since others continue to live freely and innocently for the same crime that went unnoticed or was covered somehow. It's all subjective interpretations and opposite views can all be true depending on each observer's interests. The belief systems are not examining all possibilities and therefore are not objective but akin to what secures individuals peace of mind and what satisfies their status in each period of time.

It's not one person's experience that the book narrates. These are scattered thoughts and dialogues as monologues from multiple sources. Jazalyn creates an atmospherical plot around a collection of poems-puzzles of a series of unfortunate events. The poetic narration is subject to all imaginations. There is a mystery and suspense that lets the reader wonder what's going on and imagine all possible scenarios of past, present and future outcomes.

The dystopian poems expose the pain that is rooted in an unhealthy logic which instead of focusing on the future is relying on the past conspiring and inventing ways how to destroy others to rise while the ethical job is to forget everything and everyone and work hard forwards so as to gain the fair way.

The title "vViIrRuUsS" depicts the name of the virus that attempts to help everyone recover. The subtitle "I Never Forget" is a phrase indicating that viruses surface memories which once remembered are difficult to be forgotten and neglected.

Jazalyn introduces new ways of writing and doing literature combining poetry with prose in abstract and absurd settings. She is popular on social media where she shares verses from her books and short stories.

You can find out more in her official website:

About the Author
With millions of impressions, half million engagements and 30,000 followers in social media, Jazalyn is among the most-promising newcomer authors-poets.

Her books have sold in 4 Continents and have been featured on prominent lists on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon AU. Soon she will expand in every corner of the Earth.

Jazalyn attracts all cultures and traditions with an audience from all walks and stages of life as a consequence of the universal atmosphere that encircles her themes.

Her innovative and versatile writing style stemming from abstraction and absurdness captivates mystery and suspense with words swimming in surrealism and magical realism.

Her imaginative and inventive narration unites the philosophical with the psychological and the scientific elements of both fantasy and fiction that create and solve riddles and puzzles.

In what results as a contemporary genre of cinematic (epic) poetry in slice of life-vignette expression which provokes thinking and eyes new horizons.

Jazalyn's art is purposely colorful, geometrical and fashionable in its totality to match the aesthetics of a qualitative artfulness which expands the consciousness of an enlightenment painted in a kind of mysticism and spirituality that knows no boundaries.

Her latest books vViIrRuUsS, Rose, Hollow signify Jazalyn's transition towards literary magnificence.

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