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Monday, January 1, 2024

Book Review: The Perfectly Fine Neighborhood (horror anthology)

The Perfectly Fine Neighborhood
Edited By Kayleigh Dobbs, Stephen Korzeniewski, and Wile E. Young
October 1, 2023
Publisher: French Press
Genre: horror anthology
ISBN: 9798860487505
For all of human history ghosts were real and they were everywhere. Then, one day, after a horrible cataclysm, they all disappeared.

That was the story of THE PERFECTLY FINE HOUSE.

But there are more tales to be told from that world. And a thrilling lineup, ranging from horror legends to relative newcomers, have joined forces to bring you:

- a roadside attraction featuring a real, dead serial killer

- a pair of twisted sisters whose sibling rivalry only begins with suicide

- a hitman hired to facilitate a ghostly sexual liaison

And more!

The first unhaunted house was just the beginning. Come, stake your claim in…



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The Perfectly Fine Neighborhood is a horror/dark fantasy anthology of stories where ghosts are amongst the living and it is totally normal and appears to be commonplace, and yet, it is not perfectly fine. Especially for the living.

Tired of the same old hauntings and haunted houses in horror and ghost fiction? Try this anthology, for they turn the trope on its head, where suddenly belief in ghosts is actually true in our world.

I gave The Perfectly Fine Neighborhood 4 1/2 sheep.




Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney



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