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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Cover Reveal: The Fate of Elysian by Theresa Sherron

How gorgeous is this cover?!

We're thrilled to present the the brand-new cover for The Fate of Elysian by Theresa Sherron. Available now!

The Fate of Elysian

by Theresa Sherron
May 2023
Genre: Dystopian Fantasy
Will you live a life that is predestined and controlled from your first breath of air? A life full of darkness, destruction, and pain, where your existence is owed to the survival of humanity.

Faye's eighteenth birthday turns her life upside down, just like the rest of the teens who walked this planet before her. She must travel to the city; she knows she would never return the same…if she ever returns!

In a futuristic world founded to cope with the effects of a famine that altered the course of humanity, there are certain commandments to follow to live a prosperous life. Faye steps into the city of dreams with several unanswered questions. All she has is a mysterious symbol to find her soulmate, who was predestined at birth. Not knowing who her symbol will light up for, she must trust her judgment – or destiny. Will her judgments be right?

Her rebelliousness leads her to uncover a disturbing truth about the city, which is known as their Elysian. But is it just that? Along with others, Faye is determined to find the missing pieces and bring justice to herself, her family, and her friends. She is fearless; she's not afraid to challenge those who are in power.

Has her entire life been a lie? Does she want to fight to be with the love of her life or settle with the ‘soulmate’ chosen by the city at the time of her birth?
Faye must decide.

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