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Sunday, January 21, 2024

The Fey Hotel (Enchanted with the Enemy Standalone Series) by Vermilion Baine

We're celebrating the release of The Fey Hotel this week! Read on for more details and grab yourself a copy today!

The Fey Hotel (Enchanted with the Enemy Standalone Series)
by Vermilion Baine
January 14, 2024
Genre: Fantasy Romance
💙Portal Fantasy
💙Low Spice
💙Forced Proximity
💙Witty Banter
💙Slow Burn
💙Magical Inn

A mysterious inn, hidden away on the western coast of Washington, has asked for help.

Avalon, sent to restore the failing reputation of the Refuge on the Moor, carries a secret that could lead to her own destruction. A secret she’s kept since birth, and one that the grumpy, short-tempered innkeeper becomes the first to discover.

Elden is the unwilling manager of a once great, and magical, hotel—that is failing under his inexperienced hand. When he reluctantly requests the help of a hotel management company, he’s introduced to Avalon—someone that has more in common with him than either of them knows.

They fight their past, and one another, but the pair must learn to work together—not only to save the inn, but to save everyone they love.

The Fey Hotel is a slow-burn, light enemies to lovers, portal fantasy romance.
Perfect for Gilmore Girls fans and lovers of fairy tales and mythology.

This is the first book in a series of standalone fantasy romances, Enchanted with the Enemy.

Each book features new characters, but their stories exist in the same world and around the same time.


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About the Author

Vermilion H Baine is an indie fantasy author based in the American Southwest. After a tour as a nuclear electrician’s mate in the US Navy, she now works as a field service engineer in the semiconductor industry. She writes fantasy, low and high, and tries to sprinkle in humor between the extreme bouts of angst. If she isn’t hyper-focusing on writing, she is hiking, reading, or replaying Morrowind. She lives with two very codependent rescue dogs, her grumpy, can-fix-anything husband, and her Viking-sized son.

The Fey Hotel is her debut novel and the first book in the Enchanted with the Enemy standalone series.
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