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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Book Review: Creep: 21 Tales of Terror (Nights of Madness Book 2) by Kevin Bachar

Creep: 21 Tales of Terror (Nights of Madness Book 2)

by Kevin Bachar
January 31, 2024
ISBN: 9798874263034
A man who steals packages from people’s doorsteps takes a box he should have never stolen or opened.

When a couple goes on a weekend road trip and gets lost, they end up somewhere that isn’t on any map.

Scientists searching for the ‘God Particle’ that started the universe open a portal to a certain type of hell in one suburban neighborhood.

CREEP takes readers on a terrifying tour of our everyday lives. Wicked stories about the people and places we come in contact with each day that harbor terrible secrets and horrors. We walk through the world thinking we know where every step will lead but if the dark stars align, the commonplace can become shocking. It’s the type of horror that can CREEP up on you and leave you shaking with terror.

Kevin Bachar is an EMMY award-winning documentary filmmaker who has swum with sharks, climbed the peaks of mountains, and explored the darkest of forests. In CREEP, he leaves the wilds of the world to expose the twisted horrors of our daily lives.


Kevin Bachar has a collection of horror stories. Stories where the everyday lives of people are suddenly upended into terrifying events. Like the “God Particle.” A woman gets a call from her husband, who works at a facility where they are trying to find the ‘God’ particle, succeeding one day to their horror. He warns her to take their children and run away as far as possible. For not only do they find someplace where metal objects get sucked in, but there is ‘something’ behind that trying to enter our world.  

Another I liked was “Pipes.” Something uses pipes in homes to watch us as we shower, shave, whatever…. When the main character finds a scrawled message on his fogged-up mirror after his shower, he thinks his wife has left it. But when his wife, Mary, teases him about the same message on the mirror he left her, he tells her he never did it. Soon, Mary thinks someone is frogging them, and they even have the police check their house. Nothing. But it continues to happen until the husband dumps Drano down the sink after feeling air blown against his face, and he begins to wonder if something is in their pipes. From there, things go bad. 

Others I liked: “The Trap” (a whole new way to think about Leprechauns.), “The Winding Road,” “Off the Rails,” “With Silver Bells,” and “Legend Has It.”

If you want some short stories instead of starting a novel or for that flight or train trip you’re taking, this collection might just fill the bill. Think of the Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, and even Outer Limits. If you like these TV shows, then you will enjoy these stories.

I gave Creep 4 sheep.




Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney

About the author
I’m a national EMMY award-winning documentary filmmaker and WGA screenwriter. If you’ve watched National Geographic, PBS, or The Discovery Channel you’ve seen my work. I’m the idiot in the water filming sharks in murky water or vampire bats in pitch-black caves. But I sometimes like to leave the factual world behind and work in fiction.

The elevated horror film I wrote - The Inhabitant - was released through Lionsgate last fall and is available on Prime. A reviewer in The Guardian wrote - “...there’s a lot more finesse here in the telling of the backstory … and a sense of menace lurking around every corner in the bland suburban setting; together it evokes indie “elevated horror” features such as It Follows.”

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