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Monday, April 19, 2010

Muse Live in Concert Oakland, CA

Thanks to my super fantastic awesome incredible friend Scott I was able to get two tickets to see Muse live in concert. And to top it off we were 5 rows from the front! THANK YOU SCOTT!
If you have never heard of Muse listen up and listen good- THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! Buy a cd give it a listen and if your not hooked afterword then you must be smokin something good (and please pass it around) because they rock.
Lead vocalist Matthew Bellamy has a voice that is out of this world, not an "I sound great in the studio only" (Britney, Ashley, Lindsay, etc.) but live as well. Gawd he was something to see.....let the dreamy eyes begin.
Bass guitarist Christopher Wolstenholme had me rockin from the moment he picked up his guitar and stared to play those first notes. He dominated the stage with his subtle by sold presence, its always the shy ones that can blow you away. Or so I have heard. On a side note he had me loving him after walking on stage with a cig and lighting it up while playing! SMOKERS ROCK *cough cough. ahhh its the little things in life, good form sir I will take another!
Not to leave out the amazing drummer Dominic Howard who played his tail off the entire time. The man did not stop banging away the whole show, really an extraordinary musician.
Seeing Muse live left me wanting more and I will go back again and again, they blew me away with sight in addition to sound. Their stage was created in a way that people sitting anywhere could see what was going on. At times the band was up high above the crowd and others at stage level but you could always feel the energy no matter where you were sitting.
I am glad my Mom went with me for several reasons first: she loves Muse, second: no one is better to go with to a show then her. We had an amazing time and met some very interesting people along the way. But I swear if we ever sit in the same row with the girl in the mouse beanie, who kept getting up every 2 minutes to use the restroom, I am going to start a riot!
More photos on my facebook page!

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