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Monday, April 19, 2010

Night Huntress Books

As promised I bring my review of the Night Huntress Books (1-4 and more coming out in 2011) by author Jeanine Frost........
One of my biggest issues with writing this blog is patience, I know I could never sit here long enough to write a detailed review for each book. Too many things to do in a day! But how would one sum up 4 books in a single blog? Heres my way :)
Halfway to the Grave, book 1- half-vamp half-human Cat Crawfiled tough chick, untrained and scrappy, kills the undead with her sexy looks and homemade stakes. Enter sexy English vamp Bones, holds her hostage (sort of) for his own reasons, relentlessly starts training her, transforming, becomes the ultimate killing machine, and can this girl kick some butt!
Cat has major trust issues, relationship issues, self doubt, loneliness and a temper with a very very short fuse can we say "anger management"!
But you find yourself falling in love with this woman, wanting her to succeeded and hoping she finds her way to happiness.
Bones is that guy who never gives up and continues to push until you bleed or pass out. He will protect those he cares for and skewer those who betray him or his friends.
I love action and witty dialog more then anything else and this book delivers and then some. Add a dash of sex and

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