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Monday, July 19, 2010


When I saw the previews for this Cyrus, I had it pegged as being a smart yet slightly raunchy romantic comedy. (like the 40 year old virgin). I was completely wrong. If you are going to see this film because it's got Jonah Hill in the cast and you want to see another Superbad... look somewhere else.

This film DOES have comedic scenes interspersed, but by and large, it's a pretty serious drama. I'd say, along the same lines as The Weatherman. Once I stopped looking for the punchline of Cyrus and started looking at it as a drama about dysfunctional people trying to form a functional family, I was able to start enjoying it.

The plot is extremely straightforward and is literally summed up by the movie's tag line, "He met the woman of his dreams. then he met her son." There aren't any real plot twists, or unexpected turns... so if you can predict M. Night Shyamalan movies, look elsewhere for your complex story lines.

I give it 3 sheep. While I feel like the movie itself was pretty decent, including remarkably flexible acting by largely comedy typecast stars, I felt like it lacked depth of plot, and suffered badly from bad marketing.

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  1. damn well i dont know if i want to see it! cool u got the sheep rating to work, two thumbs up on that one. going to make a note tomorrow about that so people know. :)
    i will wait for this one to come on dvd
    nice review