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Friday, July 30, 2010

SALT... Ms. Jolie? Can I be your Pepper? Please!

First I have to confess to a total crush on Angie. I know people hate her because she stole Brad (whatev) or because she has big lips (seriously?) but in reality everyone is just jealous. lol.

In almost all of her movies she plays this total badass who is a total babe with a smoldering look that should be patented. And this time was no different. I would tell you the plot like Katie does, but I have a habit of throwing out deets that ruin it for some people so just go see the movie! lol. I will tell you that Jolie works for the CIA and is chosen to interrogate a Russian man claiming to know who is going to assassinate the Russian president. The man claims that it's Salt who is the Russian operative who will kill him. The movie is about her running from the CIA trying to prove her innocence and find out who is framing her. See? No details that would ruin the show for you :)
I'm not nearly as critical as KD so she might have a differing opinion, which is cool, but I thought this movie rocked! It kept me spellbound the entire time. There was action, a plot that is quite brilliant and it followed a storyline that is actually plausible! The story sucked me in from the start and throughout the whole movie I was just wishing I could be the sidekick** so I could get in on the action!There were some stunts that a normal person couldn't do, but I feel like I can give the movie some latitude since they picked such kickass stars to play in it. At the end of the movie you find yourself suspicious of the government and thinking to yourself that the movie is probably based on truth!

I'm obviously a biased person but I honestly think any action movie buff would enjoy this movie and if you're an Angie fan even better!

**Disclaimer: There is no actual sidekick. This is not a Marvel film. This is just wihsful thinking on my part :)

1 comment:

  1. um no, make that HELL NO. I still will not see this movie! :) lol so let me tell ya how I really feel....hehehe
    u know I am not a fan of hers (make whatever you want to out of that) but I am glad that u got your moneys worth no matter what its on.
    FYI every damn "government cover up movie" gives you the same thing! I would like the film makers to get just a tad bit more creative with all that, maybe I dont know.... mix it up and have the government as the good guys for once?! just an idea.
    great review AC ;)