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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eternal Kiss of Darkness

Eternal Kiss of Darkness by author Jeanine Frost hit book stores yesterday. This is her second spinoff book in the Night Huntress series, revolving around the story of Mencheres and Kira. I am a big fan of Frost and have loved all her other books, except this one. :(

Let me continue by saying that the Cat and Bones books are off the chain good, each and every one is an adventure in itself. I LOVE those books. Got Bones? Her previous Spade and Denise spinoff book is equally as good, but for whatever reason this latest book did not hit home for me.

The first 2 chapters are great, story is compelling and draws you in from the gate. Then the book slows down for a few chapters only to pick back up again, wash rinse repeat. This continues throughout. Grrrrr! Frustrating.

I dont know if it was me or what, maybe I am not as invested in these characters as I have been with previous ones. Maybe. I don't want to say the word "disappointed" because Frost can never take me there, but I will say I was a little let down.

Again, compared to her previous books I guess maybe I was not prepared for the slowness of this one. I have to also point out that the book ends very quickly. The big dramatic build up comes to a halt and leaves you with nothing else. So I hope readers (ah-hem, me) get more on these guys in upcoming books.

Still a big fan of Frost and I look forward to the continuing series that picks back up in Spring of next year. I am giving this book 3 sheep, with a very heavy heart.


  1. I liked the book though I've got to admit, it wasn't as good as others from Jeaniene, but what else can you expect? Bones is so hot, compared to him everything seems a bit boring

    The only thing I really didn't like was the cover. I don't know if it's just me, but the blood looks just ridiculous. Perhaps I'm spoiled from the fantastic Cat&Bones covers?

  2. Oh yes Eva I love me some Bones! That man is beyond words but if I had to pick one it would be yummy!
    This cover was cheese-tastic I have to admit, maybe the worst by far. And yes we are so spoiled by the cat and bones covers, they rock hard core. :)
    I hated being so down on this book but I had to keep it real, still a big Frost fan just not her best work IMO.
    Thanks for the great comment glad to have fellow paranormal fans here! much love

  3. OMG! I thought the same thing about the cover! I actually pulled out one of Bones books to compare it, making sure it was as cheesy as I thought. Why do they have to make the covers of romance books so ridiculous? This one hardly had any sex in it anyways! I agree that it was slow moving. I guess we're just used to Cat and Bones and all of their action, both in the bedroom and against bad guys. ;) I'm hoping the next one in this series will be better, but on a super HIGH note the next Cat and Bones book comes out next spring!! YAYAY!!! xoxox Pepsi

  4. Amber, there will actually be a short story that comes out on Tuesday with the author from the True Blood books. 9or at least I think so) anyway I cant think of the name right now but I bet u will like that one cause I know you read his stuff too. :) xoxox