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Monday, November 22, 2010

In the Dark of Dreams... fairytales come true!

This book was awesome! Marjorie was able to portray a love story that defied all odds. It was brilliant. I am a sea loving person and the setting of this story captured my attention and never let up! Throw in a dreamy mer-man and a love that has surpassed every challenge and this book was a complete winner.

Imagine meeting your soul mate at the young age of 12 and then convincing yourself that it was only a dream. And even though you tell yourself that it wasn't real, you dream of him every night for years until the dreams suddenly stop. Years go by and you move on with your life but inside you are still searching for the man who has claimed you heart, mind and soul. Then, one day, you find him.... and the adventure finally starts.

This book was a love story that stole my heart. It was a unique blend of true love, danger and paranormal that had me devouring the pages. I couldn't read this book fast enough! The characters are well-rounded, the plot is brilliant and the execution of the storytelling was phenomenal. Liu took everything to a new level for me. It was refreshing to find a book that wasn't about vampires, aliens or zombies. It was wonderful to enter a new world of paranormalcy that encompassed myths of a different, yet just as captivating, kind.

Jenny and Perrin took me on an adventure that I want to relive over and over again. From the harsh truths, betrayals, action and conquering love this book was a hole in one, touchdown, home run, goal, and every other sport analogy you can think of. Pure brilliance.


*This book is scheduled to release November 30th