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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Perfect Love Song--Contest

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Make sure to check out The Perfect Love Song in stores now! Description below:

Blockbuster bestselling authors such as Pat Conroy are already raving about The Perfect Love Song. Callahan Henry, who has been hailed as a fresh new voice in southern fiction, has a deep fascination with myth, legend, and the power of a story to change a life. She says of writing The Perfect Love Song that she was inspired by the idea that someone would finally achieve a perfect goal, the objective they thought would be “The Answer” to their idea of happiness, only to discover that the perfect thing made life more difficult as they lost sight of what matters most.

In The Perfect Love Song, Callahan Henry tells the story of Jimmy Sullivan, who has been living on the road with his brother, Jack, and their band The Unknown Souls. The road is Jimmy’s only home and music his only savior until he falls in love with a beautiful girl, Charlotte Carrington. Spending time with Charlotte inspires Jimmy to write a love song for her, which becomes an overnight sensation and is dubbed “The Perfect Love Song.”

As Jimmy finds himself caught up in the desire for fame and fortune, the genuine lyrics of the song are overshadowed by his career ambitions. He begins to lose touch with Charlotte and makes a decision to miss his brother’s wedding in Ireland for a chance to put on a show in New York City.

But on Christmas Eve Jimmy comes to a crossroads: Will he finally get the chance to perform on one of the biggest stages of his career?—or will he find his way back to his family, to Ireland…and to the love of his life, Charlotte?

Callahan Henry says of her exploration of love in the novel: “I often find myself writing about injured souls and how they find a way to heal and move through the world in a creative and healing way. Love, I believe, is often the catalyst for a new life and I explore the myriad ways this occurs: love of music, of story, of life, of a person—love at all really.”

In The Perfect Love Song, Callahan Henry gives readers a heartwarming holiday tale about second chances, about the hope for redemption—and about the choices one makes in life that may close one door, but open another…

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  1. This looks like an amazing read. I love the title. And I love second chances.