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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

*Interview with author Marjorie Liu*

After receiving word that author extraordinaire Marjorie Liu agreed to interview with us, Amber and I had to be entered into the emergency room!

Marjorie authors novel series Dirk & Steele and my absolute favorite series Hunter Kiss. In addition this talented author extends her hand in the Comic realm. NYX, Black Widow and Dark Wolverine just to name a few. Excited yet? :)

Paper bags at the ready, everyone try to stay calm. Sit back and enjoy one on us.

Washington. End of a Pier. 2 Sheep and 1 Hunter meet.

Katie: How did you come up with Maxine Kiss?

I had to write a novella, and the character basically came to me -- full-bodied, with her cowboy boots on and those little bad boy demons covering her skin.

Katie: So she's not based loosely on anyone you know or an actor perhaps?


Amber: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Gosh, there are so many. Baking with my mom, going fishing with my dad, all three of us taking long drives up into the mountains outside Seattle, or walking the Great Wall in winter...

Katie: I feel like Grant's full powers have still yet to be shown. Is there more to come from him?

Oh, yes. Definitely. Grant's ancestry and powers will be explored more fully in the next book. There's a

lot going on with him, and his internal struggle to not cross certain lines has only just begun.

Katie: Oh thank the demon gods! I knew there was more!!! Can we get any hints...

His family was important in the old war. Capturing him would be a huge triumph for the Avatars.

Amber: If you could live through one moment in history, during any age, what would it be and why?

I have no idea. I'd rather pull a Methos, and see a lot of it. But if I had to choose, I'd like to hover in space and watch the solar system spin into creation. Or see Mars dry up. Or watch the moment when aliens first landed on earth and cowed our ancient ancestors into believing they were Gods.

Just kidding about that last one.

(sort of)

Amber: I have to agree with seeing the solar system created. How cool would that be?!

Katie: I love Maxine's little boys, they eat everything! I could use them around my house. lol How did you come up these lovable little demons?

Really, they just came to me in one inspired moment, though I can probably guess where that inspiration came from.

I love the idea of tattoos, I love looking at tattoos -- though I don't have one, and probably never will. I saw a documentary some years ago on full-body tattoos, and many of those appeared quite demonic.

Katie: Yeah, same boat. They look hot but I probably wont ever get any. Are you terrified of needles too or am I the only freak here? *looks at Amber* Don't answer that! lol

Amber: Well I wasn’t going to say anything but since you asked…. Lol. Just kidding!

Ha! Not scared of needles. I just get bored with things really quickly. Although recently I did have an idea for multiple tattoos that I might not get tired of. Still, I don't think it's in my future.

Amber: In your newest book, In the Dark of Dreams, which I loved! I was so excited to read something sci/fi that had nothing to do with vampires or aliens; very refreshing. Sorry got a little distracted there, lol, but what made you decide to write about mer-people?

Thanks! I had written about mer-people in a previous book, SOUL SONG, and wanted to return to them. No special reason why. I had an image in my head of a girl on a beach discovering a little mer-boy, and the rest of the story flowed from that.

Amber: Well I’m thrilled that you returned to them! I love the ocean and everything about it so this book was an awesome find in the myriad world of vampires and aliens.

Thank you!

Katie: We know in addition to all your writing that you are also a lawyer, with your busy schedule are you able to practice often?

Never. I don't practice law anymore.

Katie: dang. And I have this pending issue with a vampire and large wooden stake….it's all really a BIG misunderstanding. *nervous laugh*

Amber: In the Dark of Dreams one of the major things that drew me in was the love between Jenny and Perrin. What was the inspiration behind them finding each other at only 12 years of age and searching for each other for 16 years?

I think, sometimes, you have a defining moment in your life that not only sticks with you, but shapes you, too. You meet a person, you live through some tragedy…but whatever it is, you come away changed. In the case of Perrin and Jenny, it's finding each other that changes them…it's experiencing a moment of magic, and then holding on to that magic as a symbol of hope through dark times.

Amber: Wow… that was a perfect answer. Also my new favorite answer to any question we have asked. Would it be weird if I put this on my quote wall? Lol.

Katie: How far is Maxine's armor going to go! I need to know Marjorie!

So do I! Let's just say that it could go all the way. I'm not saying it will. But it could. It did, with her ancestor.

Katie: *shakes fist in the air* Oh now that's an awful tease answer Marjorie lol.

**evil laugh**

Amber: If you had to choose one food that you couldn’t live without what would it be? For example, mine is chocolate. My world would no longer turn if there was no chocolate. Lol

Gosh. I think fruit. Not just one kind of fruit, but fruit in general. I have a sweet tooth, but for juicy stuff.

Katie: You also write comics? Tell us a little about Dark Wolverine.

He's sexy. He's sort of evil. He was a damaged child who turned into a damaged adult, and he's working out his issues by trying to control the world through sex and mind games. Fun!

Katie: Sounds like a lot of fun. Wolverine has been my guy since I was a kid, I love him so much I named my son Logan in his honor. *big smile*

That's love!

Amber: When did you know that writing was one of the things that you wanted to do with your life?

I've known forever. I've got a one-track mind.

Katie: The demon army is rising in Hunter Kiss and battles are brewing, what can we look forward to on the action front?

Crazy action! Inter-dimensional battles! Demonic armies surging over the earth! Maxine Kiss knocking heads together and taking no prisoners!

Katie: See THIS is why I love Maxine so much. A girl who can kick some butt and still look smoking hot…well that’s the key to my own heart! lol

Amber: I ask this in almost every interview but I’m always curious to know what books were your first. Lol. What was your favorite series to read as a kid?

Little House on the Prairie. The Limberlost books by Gene Stratton Porter. The Boxcar Children series. C.S. Lewis. Lloyd Alexander. Mercedes Lackey.

Katie: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?


Amber: I would say four. You have to lick, lick, lick and then crunch! Lol

Katie: You ladies are going to break your teeth! yikes! lol

Katie: In A Wild Light, my romance addiction was finally fulfilled! Can we expect more loving between Maxine and Grant in upcoming books?

YES. A big YES. Hahaha.

Katie: Alright I am very satisfied with THAT answer! *Amber and Katie exchange high-fives*

Amber: Where can fans find you in the near future? Any upcoming events or signings?

No. I'm a hermit. But folks can find me online on Twitter or at my blog.

Actually, now that I think about it, I've got a signing coming up in early December, but details are still being worked out.

And now Marjorie it's time for our ever popular Rapid Fire question round. Sit back….clear your mind…and answer with the first thing that pops up…..ready?………GO!

Katie: sweet or sour


Amber: beach or mountains

Mountains. Bigfoot lives there.

Amber: Yeah, I always factor that in when I make decisions too. Lol.

Katie: captain crunch or coco pebbles

Oatmeal. I hate sugary breakfast cereals.

Amber: Coke or Pepsi


Katie: hahaha Coke wins AGAIN Amber! Marjorie I love you even more now. This is an on going battle with us so don't mind the victory dance I am about to do in Ambers face! lol *shakes booty and flaps arms like a chicken*

Amber: Clearly I’m the more mature one here. I would NEVER flap my arms like a chicken… my happy dance would consist of happy feet and the sprinkler move. See? Much more mature… lol.

Katie: Ice cream sundae or cinnamon bun (they have those right next to each other at the mall and I can never decide lol


Katie: See. Now you feel my pain. lol

Amber: Ice cream. You always choose the ice cream.

Amber: online shopping or store


Katie: snake or lizard


Amber: spicy or mild


Katie: 007 or Die Hard

007. But only if he promises to love me forever while the song 'If You Asked Me To' plays in the background.

Amber: antique or Ikea

Antique. Unless the antique is haunted.

Katie: ski or snowboard

Winter lodge with hot chocolate and a snow stud.

Katie: Niiiiice

Amber: Passion or Stability

Jeez. I'm a romance novelist. I want both!

Katie: Ninjas or Zombies


Amber: Sharks or Dinos


Katie: Rice or Potatoes


Amber: Sheep or Goat

Sheep. Because they remind me of poodles.

Katie: Portmanteau or Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia, because it lets me use 'SNIKT!' when I write.

Thank you so much Marjorie for taking the time to sit down with us, this is a day we will both remember. You are officially one of the sheep! Go forth and spread the sheep love with all!


While Amber and I breathe heavily into our paper bags lets move on to the prize giveaway. In the comments box below enter two things to be automatically entered to win the Marjorie Liu gift pack.

1 Your email address

2. If you could create any shield of armor what would it look like?

Contest ends November 21st at Midnight.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Ninjas?
    Why not pick zombie ninjas?!

    And I'd make an armoured tank so I could drive over all zombies.. ehm.. enemies.


  2. if i can create armor it would be a cross between the halo stuff and midevil stuff

  3. I would have to say that I would make an armor suit like Maxine's... stays a ring until I need it and then it *whooshs* all over :)

    luv, luv, luv M. Liu's books... thanks for an awesome interview!!!

  4. that was a fantastic interview! Such great questions and I love the rapid fire ones at the end. (Team Pepsi) .

    I would have to go with the Spartan's armor. Did you see 300? . I love the idea of the tattoos in the story.

  5. (laurier(underscore)1(at)juno(dot)com)

    "Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell." - Cake

    I would have reflective armor to confuse anyone striking at me! then, if any enemy is a real narcissist, they'd be a sitting duck.

  6. Great comments so far!

    Not eligible to win. (dang it!) But here is what my armor would look like:
    A solid silver breastplate, covered in diamonds. Unbreakable, creating a forcefield around me. If evil comes near me my diamonds shoot laser death! :)


    My armor would make me invisible so could attack any enemies without them seeing me coming hehe

  8. emcgillivray at

    I'd have armor made of unicorn horn as it would be extremely lightweight and tough. It'd have beautiful carvings of the solar system in it.

  9. 1.

    Well I have never thought about making a shield of armor... But if I think about it, I would want one that is magical that can adjust to the situation that I am...Strong, flexible and will above all else protect me from evil forces I am fighting.... Or at least Woodchuck proof... ;)

    Thanks for the wonderful contest!!!!

  10. Awesome interview =) I would want something small like a bracelet or anklet that shielded my whole body when it was needed. I would want it transparent with a little bit of a crystal look so you could still see my sexy to put that in there if I'm a super girl and all. Nothing could penetrate it except maybe my one true mate. Thanks for the awesome contest.

  11. I totally wish i could win this contest... but alas, I can't!

    I think my armor would be an army of tiny sub-dermal nanobots that sense incoming danger and react with tiny energy fields to block badness. It'll do everything from stop bullets to provide effective sun screen!

  12. ANOTHER great interview - once again interesting and lively questions and great answers from Marjorie.....who I must say looks just beautiful in her photo! Pensive and reflective....

    Okay - as Katie's Mom I am not eligible (redundant statement)...but here's the best shield I can devise:
    I'm not much of a warrior since I don't believe in killing others - so my shield would have to serve as the BEST DEFENSIVE SHIELD IN THE UNIVERSE! As such it would be forged with totally a impenetrable (sp?) substance found only in outer space AND would feature incredible art - probably designed by Richard - of angels, Buddha's, a cross, and Gandolf as he stabbed the earth and shouted "thou shall not pass!" Take THAT all evil doers!

  13. My email is

    Not sure if this qualifies as armor but here goes. The armor would be injected into a host body forming a commensal relationship. The armor would become an extension of the host allowing it to control the armor as naturally as if it were another limb. It would be spread evenly through the circulatory system to ensure maximum coverage of the body. The host body could change the armor to one of two states. The passive state allows for maximum defensive capability. While in the passive state the armor would pretty much look into the future to see if something would cause harm to the host. If it detects an attack on the host, it would instantly appear from inside the body, taking a form and position that would protect the host the most. In an active state the host has full control of the armor, allowing the host to form the armor into whatever shape desired, be it a sword, lance, knife, etc.

  14. 1)

    2)My shield of amor would be a giant shield of cuteness. With a collage of kittens, seals, bunnies, gunia pigs and more kittens. However one should not underestimate its strength!

    Great interview Katie! :)

  15. I think if possible I would like it to be transparent, that way, the bad guys think I don't have any protection and that gives me an advantage over them.


  16. My shield would probably be epic like Achilles shield in the Iliad. It probably would feature some dragons, a wolf or two, and probably some scenes of blood and gore.

    spettolij A gmail DOT com

  17. My shield would be black with pretty color gems adorning it.


  18. I am waaay to late to win the prize, but I just had to post my idea of the perfect armor and that would be... My STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, LOVING BUT DANGEROUS AURA!!! THEN, give me some wings that sprout whenever I need them (black, thank you very much!), and I'm good to go!


  19. Wow yeah just a few months late lol But your armor sounds pretty cool! Thanks for stopping by, hope you will stick around and enjoy all the fun :)