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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Next Three Days, slow build.

The Next Three Days written and directed by Paul Haggis stars Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks. This movie has a slow build, taking viewers on a chaotic ride. Set stoves to medium low and let this one simmer until it boils. :)


A college professor John Brennan (Crowe) and his wife Lara (Elizabeth Banks) we're happily married and raising a family when their lives fell apart in the blink of an eye. Lara has been charged with murder, convicted of a crime she swears she did not commit. Despite every effort to prove her innocence, the judge sentences her to an extended prison sentence. Meanwhile, on the outside, John files multiple appeals while struggling to raise their child and maintain his career. Lara's future starts to look especially grim, however, after the final appeal is rejected, and she admits that she'd rather commit suicide than spend the rest of her life behind bars. Determined to save his wife after the justice system fails her, John seeks the advice of an ex-convict (Liam Neeson) who staged his own daring prison escape in order to draw up an airtight plan. Later, John prepares to put his life on the line for the woman he loves, and sets the plan into motion with the knowledge that one false move could be their last.

Anyone with ANY bit of "street smart" will watch this movie and cringe throughout; but that's the whole point of the film. If you're an average guy with an average family living in suburban America, how do you plan to break someone out of prison AND acquire all the things you would need to start a new life? A lot of mistakes are made along the way and it's almost painful to watch. My stomach was in knots repeatedly watching Crowe's character struggle along.

Now cop's in movies almost always get a bad wrap for being the hard nose, law breaking jerks who don't give a crap about legal details. This movie once again plays into that theme. Is it right? No. Will that stop movie makers? No. It makes for a great story that has you wanting the guy on the other end to win, and you do pull for John in this story. Well acted movie that I all around enjoyed, but man oh man is it a ride. lol

Getting 4 sheep from me. :)


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