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Monday, November 1, 2010

Merrie Destefano Contest Winner

We had a pretty incredible reaction to the Merrie Destefano interview contest. Thank you all for participating! Here is the moment we've been waiting for!

Normally this is a pretty involved process where we have a huge committee voting on the winner. Unfortunately tomorrow is election day and all twenty members of our voting staff are off deciding who to elect and which way to turn propositions... so this time around, we're left to doing things the old fashioned way...

With the help of the Marutachi named Akai (not to be mistaken for the similarly sounding named berry), I threw wrote all 16 names on folded pieces of paper and tossed them into a box.

The box was then given a pretty good jostle. Akai threw it down a flight of stairs for good measure. In the end, we pulled a name, and that name was Kelly M! Congratulations!

Kelly, you have a week from the time of this post to contact Katie with instructions on where to send your awesome prize! Please use the address k28dalton (at) yahoo (dot) com.


  1. Congrats Kelly!!!!! Woot woot!!!!! :)

    Thanks everyone for the great comments! We love Merrie as much as all of you do. :)

  2. Congratulations to Kelly! And thanks again to Katie and Amber for hosting such a fun event!

  3. Thank you,thank you, thank you!!!!!!
    I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can't wait to read!!