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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sin Undone...pass more Doctor please.

Sin Undone by author Larissa Ione is the fifth installment in her Demonica series. She's a NYT bestselling author and by the undead gods she has every right to be! This series is like Grey's Anatomy meets Angel, only McSteamy is more like McDemony in these books. :) All I can say is, once you go demon you may never go back - those smokin' hot doctors can take my vitals any day!

On to the review. Sin Undone revolves around the story of Sin the demonic assassin, and Conall a half-vampire half-werewolf paramedic. No team vamp or team werewolf this time; this sexy man is the best of BOTH worlds. I can't recall reading another series that has an undead/werewolf duo teamed up, and as such it's very refreshing.

While previous books focused on Sin's brothers, you get a big girl-power boost in this one. Sin spent decades enslaved and learned to fight and kill with the best of them, before becoming the leader of an assassin for hire thug ring. Sassy butt kicking at its best! ;)

A dare from another EMT colleague thrusts Conall and Sin together. She makes a terrible mistake which unleashes a deadly disease, which in turn has the sexy werewolf finds himself sucked into Sin's intrigue faster then he can say "OMG I love Edward!" lol. (Or perhaps that should be "Bella"). Either way he finds himself deeper in her world. This happens partly against his own will and partly because of his attraction for her. Ah yes…love and hate. A fine line at times. lol You can't help but like the half breed and as the book progresses you're really rooting for Conall.

There is a lot of action and sticky situations within the pages of this book, along with some hot and heavy romance. *checking romance fuel gauge….yup filled up* Ione also introduces a few new characters whom I hope to read more about in greater detail in upcoming books.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining book. Highly recommend it to all! Getting 4 very happy sheep



  1. I so loved this series!!! I can't wait to re-read as soon as I get thru some of my TBR list!!!! Larissa is fabulous!!! So looking forward to the next series.... Lord of Deliverance... Book 1 Eternal Rider will be out April 2011.....

  2. This book came out so long ago and I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet!! So many books, so little is almost depressing how many awesome books are out there that I haven't held in my greedy little hands....