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Friday, October 15, 2010

*Dakota Banks Interview 10/19/2010*

Well folks we did it again! *pats sheepy back* Our latest interview/victim is author of the incredible Mortal Path series Dakota Banks! Hip Hip Hooray! Baaaaaa! ;)

Adding to the interview this time around is our main nerdy-squeeze Richard! You all know him as the guy who comes up with the winner for our giveaways (wacky as it may be) and comic sketches.

If you have yet to check the Mortal Path series out, hop online or drive down to the closest bookstore and grab yourself a copy.

Interview will be posted for your reading pleasure Tuesday, October 19th.

Anyone want to win some free stuff? Back once again will be our fun question at the end of the interview, leave a comment and be entered to win.

Mystery prize will be revealed on Tuesday! The suspense killing you yet? lol Come back next week for all the fun. :)

Fuzzy Sheep Love;
Amber, Katie and Richard
I Smell Sheep....because Woodchucks can't be trusted


  1. Cool!!
    I managed to pack away my copy of Dark Time during our move and I was reading and enjoying it at the time so can't understand how I could do that!!! I'm waiting for the moment we're moving back and I can hunt it down.

  2. @McPig yeah u better find that! The book is great. :)